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Thanksgiving Essays

Wrestling: Not a Sport But A Lifestyle

I still remember the match like it was yesterday. I was competing in the third place match of the IESA wrestling sectionals in seventh grade. The winner of this match would advance to the state finals, the loser would go home. Down by two points with five seconds remaining, I …

The Boo Radley’s Depression

Boo Radley’s Depression Depression is a mental health issue. It is a mood disorder that causes sadness, loss, anger, or frustration that lasts for weeks or months (ADAM Media Encyclopedia, Depression – older adults). This is shown in To Kill a Mockingbird when Boo stays inside and no one sees …

Variety Of Food In Uzbekistan

Hello Guys, Today’s topic of my speech is Food. As I said before I’m from Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a multinational country in Central Asia. We have many various cuisines, Russian, Uzbek, Kavkaz, etc. Uzbek is considered as western style cuisine, because dishes are high calorie. Now I am going to …

Everyone Is Entitled to Their Own Opinion

Throughout the year no matter where one may be, he or she will experience the seasons changing from one to the next. Everyone perceives each season differently as the cycle continues and each season brings with it a different set of characteristics. Each season is also equally as popular in …

Thanksgiving Day

In September 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, carrying on board 102 passengers. Of those were assortments of religious secessionists venturing to a new home to freely practice their faith and others lured in by the false promises of prosperity and land ownership of the New …

Why I Love Thanksgiving

Spring is one of my most favorite seasons because there are so many celebrations to celebrate. This means that there is always a lot of food to eat. YUMMY. One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving because of the traditional food my family cooks every year. My favorite side dish …

The History of Thanksgiving

In Plymouth, England, during September 1620, a ship slowly sailed out to sea. This ship was named the Mayflower, and it was on a very special trip. The Mayflower’s passengers were headed to the New World, America. These people were called the pilgrims, and they were leaving England to begin …

Thanksgiving: Then And Now

Americans love Thanksgiving. Let’s face it. They love eating, and they love football. But, where did this holiday come from? Actually, the tradition of Thanksgiving dates back to the time before our country’s birth. Modern day Thanksgiving represents a time where Americans gather together with their friends and family. It …

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