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How to Write an Exemplification Essay

14 Jun 2018
How to Write an Exemplification Essay

What is an Exemplification Essay

Exеmplification еssay is a type of essay that involves providing еxamples on some topics or phenomena. Even the name of his kind of essay comes from the word “an example”. Writing exemplification essay means proving the existence of some particular generalization. Basically, you should use the examples that will be able to elaborate the subject of your paper. You need to make sure that your examples are convincing enough to demonstrate the generalization of the task you have got.

Exemplification Essay Topics

Deciding on a topic is a necessary step before writing the essay itself. Usually students receive topics from their teachers. Then you do not have to be imaginative and your main task will be narrowed to providing some examples.

Sometimes students are free to choose the topic they like. In this situation you are going to have much more things to do on your way to a good essay. Think thoroughly about the kind of generalization you would like to prove. Consider the main goal of your essay: what would you like to convince your reader of? Afterwards, try to think of some good examples you can use. If you are not sure about them, it is better to change the topic.

It is also important to think of your future readers. Try to pick up the topic that will be interesting for your target audience. Write down all the examples your mind creates. It is always better to have a big list of ideas that you will be able to narrow later.

Good Exemplification Essay Topics

We truly believe that a good topic is the one that coincides with the topics interesting for modern society. Our tip is to write about something that is in the air. In this way you will catch your readers’ attention even from the title of your essay. Think of some big problems the society faces. It may be everything, starting from famine in Africa and ending with global warming. As it was stated earlier, do not forget to focus on the target audience. Topics interesting for ones, may be not that catchy for others.

We suggest you our list of exemplification essay topics that we consider to be good:

1) Money is the root of evil

2) Social media as a disease of contemporary society

3) Gun control

4) Traditional medicine vs regular one

5) The importance of sex education at schools

6) Why should one follow a healthy lifestyle

7) Women in politics

8) The importance of inclusive education

9) Why should parents restrict the use of smartphones and computers for their children

10) Governmental tools are the most effective ones in tackling the problem of alcoholism and smoking

To pick up a good topic for your essay, one should also understand what kind of topics are considered to be bad ones. The biggest mistake is to choose the topic that represents your personal point of view. Such topics are impossible to be backed by some exact scientific sources. Thus, the arguments based on your opinion only, may not sound really convincing.

It is also inappropriate to choose primitive and generally understandable points of view, such as “How drinking alcohol influences your health?”. It is generally believed, that drinking alcohol is bad for your organism. So, basically, you will only state raw facts with a bit of your opinion sprinkled on top. Such kinds of papers will not bring any useful and fresh information. In addition, do not focus on topics, that require the usage of a great number of sources.

Easy Exemplification Essay Topics

Concerning easy exemplification essay topics, we strongly advise you to concentrate on the things you are aware of. Just think of your field of expertise, of something that is truly familiar to you. If you are fond of sports, then write something about it. Music fan? Write about the particular genre of songs and its state nowadays. When being fond of films, you can consider writing an essay about the film and its influence on you. Book fans can talk in their paper about a particular book and its impact on society.

In general, we find the next topics to be really easy to discuss in your paper:

1) Is it necessary to read a lot of books now?

2) What is the impact of computers and smartphones on the children and youth?

3) Should parents prohibit their kids watching TV?

4) Why is it so important to encourage young people to do sports?

5) Why healthy eating is a key to a long life?

If you are still struggling with creating some easy exemplification essay topic in your mind, just try to brainstorm. Sit down with proper stationery and write all the thoughts you have in your mind. Do not sort or filter them, just write everything straight after it appeared in your mind. Afterwards, you can take a look at your paper and consider the ideas that coincide with your interests the most. Now you have some frames that can help you to form the topic you would like to discuss in your essay.

Đ•xemplification Essay Structure

The structure Đľf exemplification essay is pretty much simple. It coincides with general norms and rules that are applied to all the other kinds of essays.

Basically, the structure of exemplification essay includes:

1) Introduction

2) Body

3) Conclusion

Exemplification Essay Introduction

Introduction part is the beginning of your essay. In this part you should describe briefly the topic you are going to explore. Moreover, you also need to introduce the reason for choosing this very theme. Our piece of advice is to start your paper with a hook. Try to catch your reader’s attention by using the quote or a sentence with a question mark.

This part of your paper should end with a clear thesis statement that you are going to discuss throughout the essay. After reading an introduction part of your essay, your readers must get prepared to the further arguments introduced in the body paragraph. So, you should outline these arguments really slightly.

Essay Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs of your essay should represent the examples you are going to use to back or question your thesis statement. In general, these part of your essay is the biggest one.

The size of your body paragraph depends on the requirements dictated by your teacher. If you do not have such, then you can feel free to write as many paragraphs, as you want. Remember, that the number is not as important, as quality. You can have either 5 or 2 examples. “The more – the marrier” rule does not work in this case. So, use only the best ideas to write a perfect paper.

For instance, you can think of three main examples. Just try not to broaden your mind and look at your topic from different perspectives. Consider backing your thesis statement with the arguments from three different fields. E. g. you are writing an exemplification essay about the current state of music development. In the first paragraph of the body part you can write about the state of jazz and folk; in the second one you may talk about pop music; the third one may represent rock.

Having thought of the arguments, do not forget to check if they are related to the thesis statement represented in the introduction. All your thoughts must be written down in a logic and structured order.  Make your reader feel comfortable while reading your paper.

Exemplification Essay Conclusion

Conclusion part of the essay is responsible for summing up the main points of your paper. You can start with your main statement.  But use a trick of synonyms. Do not rewrite the main statement introduced in the first part of your essay, bus use the synonyms to refresh the statement a little bit. Afterwards, you should summarize all the main arguments introduced in the body paragraphs. In this way your reader will clearly understand the main idea of your essay. Our piece of advice is adding some quotes to the conclusion part. But do not try to overplay! If you use the quotation in the introduction part of your essay, adding one more in the conclusion part can be too much. Make sure that your paper is harmonic and easy to understand. By the way, do not forget to cite the authors of the quotations in the proper way.

In the conclusion part of your paper you want to convince your reader of the main point of your paper. Do not add totally new information. It is not appropriate to make a whole new paragraph out of the conclusion. All the information mentioned in this part should coincide with all the ideas from the introduction and body paragraphs.

Exemplification Essay Outline

If you were willing to have a good paper, it is necessary to start your work with some draft. Do not begin with actual writing, if you do not have any outline. Creating an outline can give you a hand with ordering your thoughts and ideas. This will help you to get a well-written essay, where all the information will be presented logically.

Writing an outline is not difficult. Please, do not omit this step when writing your paper! Outline can guide you throughout the writing process. It is your so-called map for sorting and organizing your thoughts.

Start with the frames for the essay. Divide a paper into 3 pieces, each devoted to a certain part of the essay.

  • In the introduction, try to think of a statement that you are going to broaden later on. Fill it with all the important small details that are necessary to be mentioned in the actual paper.
  • In the body part you can write down the main arguments briefly. It is also important to mention the sources you are using. Do not neglect it! Adding the sources of your arguments is an important part. It makes your essay look more serious and scientific.
  • Conclusion part is not necessary to be described in your outline. Basically, this part is responsible for summing the main ideas of your essay. So, make sure that you will do this in your actual work.

Exemplification Essay Examples

We decided to provide you an example of exemplification essay on the next topic: “Death penalty should be legalized all over the world”.

In the introduction paragraph you should write a thesis statement that coincides with a topic of your essay. Moreover, you should add the purpose of choosing this topic.

“More and more civilized countries are legalizing death penalties nowadays. In my opinion, this should be done all over the world.”

In the body paragraph you should introduce the arguments to back your statement.

  • Legalizing death penalty will reduce the number of crimes.
  • It is a cost-effective solution.
  • It is quick and painless.

The conclusion part should convince your reader of the thesis statement and sum up the arguments you introduced in the body paragraph.

Good luck with writing your exemplification essay!

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