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How To Stop Corruption

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How to Stop Corruption|10 Tips for Prevention & Eradication Corruption is a habit and hence everyone who is in the position are susceptible to it. There are people who are ready to compete for those jobs with greater chances of corruption and those who don’t have the chance, expect to minimize the corruption and keep complaining about it. But prevention and eradication of corruption is an absolute requirement for better social and public life. This corruption takes an interesting turn in such a way that everyone becomes corrupt in some other sort if situation permits. The below mentioned tips are written from perspective of corruption in India. Yet corruption is prevalent in all the countries in some or other way and the question of how to stop corruption rises. Tips on how to stop corruption and prevent it

1. Give better salary in govt jobs: Many employees in government positions receive low salary like clerks, office staff etc. Hence they expect to make money by bribery. For this they try to delay the work for so long that the client is fed up and opts for bribery for progress in the work. 2. Increase the number of workers: In many offices of the government sector, the work load has gone up drastically but the recruitment of vacancies has declined This gives an option for delaying the work by officials and expect monetary or other benefits for faster completion. 3. Law to dismiss from service if found to be involved in corruption. This seems a better option. For instance if you see cases where anti-corruption bureau rides an officers home and finds disproportionate assets, the officer is suspended from employment and taken for judicial trials. But after couple of years you will find them in employment at same or even better positions. So this creates no fear among the officials against corruption.

4. Keep transactions online and provide bill for every purchase: Many of them do not pay taxes and escape This involves corruption. Making payments online through bank accounts and provision of bills for every transaction involving money. This is a better corruption watch. 5. Camera in most govt offices: In every ATM there are camera to keep a watch on the public taking their money. Then why not government offices have cameras to have a watch on the employ performance. Even there are many employ’s who openly take bribe in presence of common men. This public bribery is due to confidence that public wants their work more than the amount they are paying to them as bribes. 6. Speed up the work process in govt institutes: Most corporate offices are in full fledged running by 8- 9 am but the government offices start by 10 to 11 am and wind up by 3.30 to 4 pm with a lunch break of 1& half hour in between. This indicates how much of commitment lies in the work and how fast the work goes on. If there are mistakes in the work or delay in the work, civilians have to run behind those workers to rectify or complete the work.

This makes the chances of corruption more or else work is not done or problem rectified. 7. Make Media responsible and fix laws to be so: There are many major scams and corruption events involving media. Though the media is well aware of the corruption happening they stay silent due to their support for some political parties or else their owners get some monetary benefits from the rulers. Even there are many reporters who though come across some scam or corruption, they stay silent without revealing it for press for having received monetary benefits to do so. If media personnel are found to be guilty for not having exposed the scam or corruption intentionally, they have to be prosecuted and their licence be withdrawn. 8. Verify the selection procedures: Many people compete for government jobs and in the process there are corruption happening in the selection of candidates for the posts. So let the selection criteria and procedure used be transparent and any misconduct from this should be punishable.

9. Keep inflation low: This is another factor for keeping corruption high and also persistent. Due to rise in prices, any amount of income seems to be insufficient. This inflation is a corruption involving politicians and businessmen. Businessmen try to rise the prices to sell their inventory or stock of goods at higher price. For this the politicians support them and are paid monetary or other benefits. This is a cheap business tactic but even the so called richest business magnets play this corruption game. 10. Speed up the judgment and increase the courts: Many cases of corruption take years to be given verdict. This delay in cases creates lack of fear for being corrupt and also huge time span for court trials gives sufficient time to make alterations in the witness. Causes of Corruption in India|10 Main Reasons discussed

Posted in Opinions by Bheem
Corruption is one of the biggest threat to the well-being of a society. Corruption degrades the quality of the services and also ruins the life of the common man. India is one of the countries highly affected by this threat called corruption. Political parties who promised to stop and take steps to eradicate corruption have being voted for power. This shows the significance of corruption free society and government. Unlike like developed countries, corruption is at high rate in India. The causes of corruption in India are many and quite complex that the promises of the political parties to eradicate corruption is not easy. Corruption is primarily seen in instances like jobs, businesses, promotions, election campaigns, sports etc. Below is the list of Causes of corruption in India

1. Low Pay scales/ Wages: Most of the employees in government sector are paid low wages and salaries. Hence some employees revert to corruption for more financial benefits. 2. Low Job opportunities. This is another cause of corruption. Due to lack of job opportunities at will, there are many people who like to go for corruption mode to get the job offer. They will be ready to pay lump some amounts for the job offer to the higher officials or politicians. 3. Lack of Strict and fast punishments: Even if some one is found guilty or even caught red-handed by the anti-corruption officials or media, the convicts get less punishment. First they will be suspended for few months or weeks and then re-posted to another location with same Job grade and pay. So this means the official who did the corrupt practice is given a free licence to continue his practice. If the government is so strict that any such corrupt incidents will lead to permanent removal from job and also punishment like several years imprisonment then the corruption will come down to a large extent.

4. Lack of ill fame: If a person is found to be corrupt or has done some unacceptable misconduct, he or she has to be avoided and not be respected. But in India those with corruption and other offence related history are given prominent positions like the member of parliament or even higher posts. Instead of being disrespected they are respected. 5. Lack of Unity in public: Public openly criticize corruption but interestingly there is no unity among the public to stop corruption. If a person wants to get his done his work, he gets it done by corruption means if possible and then later criticizes the corrupt official. If the public stands united against corruption in such a way that no one is ready to offer bribes to get their work done then the corrupt officials will have no other option but to work in corruption free manner. During election, politicians try to lure the people by offering money and other things. If these politicians win and get power, they try to regain 10 to 100 times the amount spent for their elections. 6. Lack of transparency in affairs and deals: Many seat selection processes like in education, contracts for job, employee income reports (wealth possession), etc lack transparency. For this purpose, there is a new act namely RTI : right to information, but the act is not strong enough to prevent malpractices.

7. Lack of Independent detective agency: India has no independent detective agency which can investigate with full power and freedom to expose the corrupt individuals. The existing agencies like Central Bureau of investigation are named by the highest court of Indian judicial system as a parrot which indicates how free these investigating agencies to work. Hence any one who commits offence will not be so afraid of the investigation as they can escape from it by taking help of ruling political party. 8. Option of many political parties: In India anyone can establish a political party. So there are many political parties in India. If the political party wins, then the members in it will desire to expand the party to all over the country. To do so, they need enough financial reserves. For this, once they come into power, they opt for corrupt means to make the wealth needed to expand the party. 9.Lack of enough powers to the judicial system and other independent organisation.

Like the election commission cannot ban a politician from contesting in case they make a mistake or do not comply with the rules during election campaign (like distributing money to people etc). Similarly, the judicial system has low options to punish some one who is found to be 10. Lack of accountability: In government there is a big trend of corruption. This is because of lack of accountability. The employee’s on government offices do not perform to their par excellence. If they receive 100 files to be cleared in a week they may not even clear 50 of them in that week. They tend to post-pone the clearance of the files. So those who are in urgency of the clearance have to get them done by rewarding the officials involved in the clearance office. This lack of accountability in government offices is chief cause of corruption.

If there is a mandate that all the files or at-least 95% of files received by government offices for clearance are cleared in the said period than corruption can be minimised to a large extent. 11. Encouragement of unhealthy competition: Competition in business is a good sign for quality of service to be delivered. But in India there is encouragement of unhealthy competition. When there is a tender, you can notice that only few companies bid for it. This is because the companies having political relations have higher chances of winning while others do not. So, companies with no political influence will not bid for the tender in-spite of being a good company.That is here the number of bidders for a tender will be low due to political interference. Types of corruption:

1. Those with loss to the public
2. Those with no loss to the public but for one individual or group.
3. Those with no loss to any one else including public.

Lets see in detail consequences of corruption of 3 types:
Those with loss to the public: These are corruption cases which have huge loss to the public. These are highly prevalent in the world as common people and innocent people are not strength enough to question them or fight them. For instance a company takes up a natural resource in a country with an aim to exploit them for national benefit. Once they acquire the rights to use the resource they don’t do it to full potential and when the government officials try to question them then these people handle those officials by either providing monetary benefits etc or try to shift their position of the job by using higher influences. Those with no loss to the public but for one individual or group: These are cases happening to a company are are a group or family when they are misused by others. Supposing a family is in benefit of or having a property and in they hired it a third person.

After some years of use the third party refuse to quit the property and when questioned tries to get official support by them and keeps the family away form the property by their support. Another instance is a girl or someone is raped or killed and the police tries to see that the case against the culprit fails due to lack of evidence etc. Here the girl or her family is in pain and not the mass public. Those with no loss to any one else including public: These have no loss to public. This happens only when a benefit is given to an official for managing the government system in proper way. For instance in developing countries, the government work force is not disciplined and takes months or even years to pass a file. This is hastened and the file is passed faster due to the influence of the rulers on the working officials. How do we reduce corruption in the government by incentivising government employees?

Interesting idea. But the methodology has to be carefully thought out. We have the culture of corruption. We simply have to monetise it.

USA is also corrupt? Not to this extent. Imagine a traffic cop in India with the powers that the cop in the USA has. There if you get a ticket your insurance shoots up. Yet how many cops accept a bribe and let you go? Hardly any. Here it would be 90% with that kind of power ! Insurance rates in India dont even change with tickets received yet cops are so corrupt

So tackling corruption should be a multipronged approach

Step 1) Increase emoluments of government workers like cops and judges etc. Make it so attractive that losing the job is bad news

Step 2) The above can be done thru a system of incentives.

1) Make a percentage payable to the concerned department for every project that is completed on time and within budget. This money will be distributed among those in that office. (This will prevent the wrong contractor being given the job for monetary considerations) 2) Give judges an incentive for each case that is settled within the allotted time 3) Give cops an incentive per 100 FIRs lodged and a bonus for each year where there is less than 1% cases that have not been solved. The bonus is given to that police station where the distinction has been achieved (so there is an incentive both to lodge FIRs and to solve cases). Every Police station has to try its best to meet both criteria

Now there will still be some Policemen or other government employees who will want more owing to their power and greed.

So a ‘whistle blower’ program has to be initiated.

Anyone reporting corruption will be rewarded and the people from that department itself will come forward since they lose a lot of incentives if one of them is corrupt. Incentives are reduced for departments where corruption has been discovered and not reported by the employees themselves.

A mandatory five years imprisonment is compulsory for any corrupt worker (apart from seizure of all earnings since inception)

So if more roads are built by the Road Construction department on time and within budget- incentives will accrue to that government department

Similarly more power plants, airports and ports created, cases solved, crime reduced – more the concerned department earns through incentives. Since these projects have huge values the amount given to the government employees also will be substantial.

If rules are bypassed the new ‘efficient’ courts and Police will take over and corruption will be uncovered or ‘assumed’ to the detriment of that department.

Anonymous websites will enable ‘Whistle Blowers’ to reveal the corruption of their colleagues secretly. Anti Corruption squads (ACB’s) will jump into action to investigate. ACB’s will be rated on the number of successful cases handled per year and will be extremely high paid individuals so that their honesty is unquestionable

This will slowly result in the near elimination of corruption from government. Once this occurs the best people will be attracted to this profession. We will have a new breed of government employees who will be professional and ambitious and efficient.

Political appointments will cease since transfers and appointments will be removed from the ambit of politicians.

Without corruption black money will be reduced in the country. Tax collections will surge.

Politicians will be given a percentage of all incentives given to government employees for election funding. So they will approve more projects. But if they approve useless projects they will lose elections since goonda power will be impossible with the new ‘efficient’ and independent police.

So the politicians will be careful.

Loans will be forthcoming from anywhere in the world due to the new effciency of the government. Hence a new breed of honest politicians will emerge.

With the new effective ‘delivery’ system (owing to better policing and better government services) subsidies can be removed and replaced by discount coupons redeemable in any store. The savings to the nation will be substantial. Even after paying the politicians incentives for election funding the taxes can be reduced. This is because of the huge reduction in black money supply and the corresponding increase in tax collections.

The increase in tax collections will more than pay for the increase in payments to government servants thru the incentive system

The education system also can be rejuvenated thru the incentive system. The greater the number of kids who pass thru the school system the greater the incentives. However the incentives will not be paid if the kids do not pass a simple exam given to all kids.

This way a public- private partnership can be created which will give companies which ‘adopt’ schools tax benefits for the number of students who go on to college from their ‘adopted’ schools.

This way we can incentivise our government and make it a very lucrative and paying job. And make our government more efficient. We can also remove black money and increase tax collections this way. Politicians will be less likely to be corrupt since their election funding is taken care of. They are less likely to use goondas to win elections since the police will not support them anymore. Politicians will focus on thinking of better projects to win elections

But beware those who remain ‘corrupt’.

Jail, humiliation and poverty awaits

Imagine a more efficient government and a less corrupt India !

We can do it and become a world superpower !
How do you prevent corruption?
1. Teach morality in homes and schools. That’s morality in the larger sense, the concept of right and wrong. Unfortunately there are many, especially those who gravitate toward politics, who do not understand the word. Power corrupts, ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

2. Minimize the power of government. We should insist on politicians who vow to decrease government size. We must do away with the programs which are impossible to verify. Government sponsored “entitlement” type programs are a bottomless pit that sucks money. Corrupt officials find easy ways to siphon off some of the money from those programs. Entitlement programs are ineffective and offer far too many opportunities for corruption. “Welfare” type programs are managed far more efficiently by charitable organizations. Charitable medical programs are far more efficient than a government sponsored health system.

3. Term Limits for politicians would eliminate the entrenchment and corruption of anyone who would want to make politics a profession. After being in office for an extended period, all politicians start looking for supplements to their income. Guess who gets to pay.

4. Inspectors, administrators and other government employees should never be allowed to make a decision without the agreement of a second person. Two people should be sent if there is ever a possibility of corruption or graft. They should never be paired up as “partners”, but instead they should be randomly assigned to work together for a day. Departments should offer rewards or bonuses for finding mistakes or evidence of graft. These are just some quick ideas that didn’t require much thought. I’m sure a panel or committee could figure out some effective and inexpensive ways to decrease corruption.

Answer 2:There has been corruption since the beginning of time and it’s not going to go away. The first poster gave some excellent ideas and that’s a good start. We see our politicians corrupt; inside trading; betting on sports games; corruptions in our own City Halls; and corruption between our own governments and deals made with other countries re weapons, etc. Oil companies are corrupt because they gouge the public in gas prices when there is no reason too. Our government in British Columbia has our gas up to $4 – $5 per gallon (we go by liters which is less than a US gallon) all because of our 2010 Winter Olympics.

Hospital Lotteries are always around the corner in British Columbia and we would like to know where the money is truly going! So far no answers. Even some charities are corrupt and when I am asked to donate my first question is, ‘What are your administration fees?’ The person calling is stunned because they’re just doing their job canvassing and never thought of this aspect of people donating. If the administrations fees are over 10% I refuse to give.

In the US and Canada there is a percentage (10% in Canada) from gas that is suppose to go towards road maintenance, new roads and bridges, but we are having two bridges built and it’s going to cost the tax payers plenty, not to mention tolls will be put on these bridges. Why? Corruption! All the billions of dollars over the years of that 10% out of gas pricing from the consumers has vanished! The old saying ‘Rob Peter to pay Paul’ seems to be
the case.

I believe that there should be a law that a Forensic Audit can come swiftly regarding the US and Canadian governments (it’s not called Forensic for nothing) and, in fact, that is what has happened to our Liberal Government and already there is money missing, laws broken regarding Union jobs, etc. I agree with the first poster when it comes to shorter terms for Presidents, (Premiers in Canada) or any official in government before the damage is beyond correcting. If the official has kept their promises all is well, but if not the people should have the right to vote them out.

It’s up to all of us adults to fight corruption as best we can and letting our governments know we aren’t happy and want to know ‘where is the money?’ We want the truth! If you simplify this when any politician is running for a position it’s the people that vote them in and thus, we are actually their employer and they work for us!

There is also corruption in the Justice System, Police Dept., Fire Departments (in Canada and only two occasions we know of re: the fire dept.) There is corruption going on in the very streets we live with black market weapons, drugs and prostitution.

No wonder the kids of today have no one to look up too, so it’s up to the parents to point out that there really are some good people out there who do good things for others. After all, we are brothers and sisters and should be helping each other.

By no means am I saying that all people in positions in government or any other group are corrupt, but unfortunately, when the good ones voice their opinions they are out numbered and their voice is lost in the wind. Answer 3: To prevent corruption you would first have to remove the entire government. Then you would need to make all future politicians accountable for every single action. Answer 4: First of all we should realize that corruption prevails in every department whether its judiciary,ministries or any government department. There cannot be one solution for all types of

In a big step the government should monitor the flow of money because corruption is mainly done for earning black money. Flow of money should be monitored through a committee having members from all different departments. And finally, the government should receive all the documents staring from its allocation to its distribution.

A government should strengthen the laws related to corruption. Those who are involved must be punished and if in any case any politician is found involved in any scam like 2G spectrum, Adarsh society scam etc then he should be banned from entering in to politics.but this should be based on the recommendation of a advisory committee.

In case of government department’s, officials should be suspended from their job up to the inquiry report, then appropriate action should be taken against them.

Moreover parents and teachers are the responsible persons for their child’s future.they can teach moral behaviour right from childhood. We can start by always being honest ourselves and always paying our taxes, returning stuff we borrow, asking and paying a fair price.

And ensuring we are registered to vote and vote in EVERY election and consider standing for election ourselves.

It is easier to change ourselves than others and by trading honestly and fairly it is less likely others will feel a need to get back at other cheats.

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