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How I Can Make The World a Better Place

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Imagine a world without rubbish. Imagine a world without homeless people and people that starve. Imagine a world that’s perfect.

Most people wonder to themselves, how can I make this world a better place? It is very simple, every little thing that you do counts. Some things we do are very easy, like picking up rubbish, recycling, and not wasting energy. All sorts of things we do count. Even finishing your dinner!

There are also things you can do that not only help the world, but the people living in it, like donating to charities and supporting events that help the poor. All this makes the world a better place. Imagine what it would be like if every one of us had given to charities and donated to the poor; the world would have less homeless people, people wouldn’t die from starvation as much.

It seems that everyday, people seem to have a habit of throw rubbish wherever they like. By throwing rubbish away carelessly, we are polluting the world and making it dirtier.

Imagine if we had to live in a pig sty. By throwing rubbish everywhere our world would soon become a pig sty. Some people just have a habit of throwing rubbish everywhere when a rubbish bin is just a few steps away from them. If we have taken the time walk a few steps and throw our rubbish away we wouldn’t be living in a world with rubbish anymore.

Every year very family has a few clothes to throw away and the majority of them throw them in the bin instead of donating it to the people that are in need of them.

Even if the clothes are a bit torn some people would just throw them out. Then it will be just rubbish but if we had given them to the homeless, it would have been something greatly appreciated by them.

Eating you dinner even counts. Some people are always leaving some bits and pieces of their dinner on their plate. In some poor countries, people can’t afford the money to cook let alone buy food to make them full.

Plastic bags, every time we go shopping we use plastic bags. Plastic bags takes many years to break down and some people even throw them anywhere. If we continue to use plastic bags this way the world would be extremely polluted.

Instead of using plastic bags we could use a recycling bag that we could re-use. Recycling bags can be re-used whereas plastic bags are broken down after years and years.

Generosity, another thing that could make our world a better place. Many people hate other people for their culture and won’t give other people a fair go. If we all hated each other, treat others differently and leave people out for their cultures we won’t be able to communicate with each other.

A piece of paper, flying over the room and into the rubbish bin. Everyday we use around 10-20 pieces of paper and for others they might even use more. But most of the paper we use ends up into the recycling bin.

We throw paper into the recycling bin for all sorts of reasons, we might have torn it, draw something we didn’t mean to draw on it or write something we didn’t mean to write on it. If we keep using paper like this, more trees would have to be chopped down and it would severely damage the environment.

When you go into the room then come out to eat or other purposes, most of us would have forgotten to switch the lights off and leave it there until you remembered. If we keep doing that not only will we waste money we will also waste energy. So by remembering to switch off the lights after you exit the room is also a part in helping the earth to become a better place.

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