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How Communication Affects Relationships In The Work Setting

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Relationship with the children:
Communication helps to build relationships with the children I work with, a lot of this is done through play, as we play games or participate in the activities, I ask the children simple questions which allows me to get know the children better and build a relationship with them. Building and maintaining a good relationship with the children in my setting is very important as they will then feel able to express their needs and feelings, share ideas and thoughts, most importantly having a good relationship with the children gives them the reassurance and acknowledgement they may need.

Relationship with the parents:
Communication helps me to build a relationship with the parents I work with, I build relationships with them by listening to the parents’ concerns, as some parents have never left their children before or their children have separation problems, I reassure and acknowledge every parents concerns. We always feedback to parents at the end of our crèches, I do this by giving them sheets with what their children did in our crèche that day, what they ate etc. I will also feedback to parents verbally on how they settled in and to the parents that the children who find the transition difficult, I will discuss there improvement each week, I always reassure the parent as it is normally as difficult for them as well as their child that there not alone and it does get easier, making the parents feeling relaxed allows us to help their child through the transition as if the parent is less anxious their child will be. Communication with parents is also very important as I need to communicate to find out if their children have any allergies or disabilities we need to be aware of to keep the children safe and adapt activities and the setting to support their learning journey.

Relationship with work colleagues:
Communication helps me to build relationships with new colleagues, but also maintain good a good relationship with current colleagues, I do this by following instructions from the crèche leaders or instructions of my manager. I also pass on important information to all my colleagues. I find that to maintain professional relationships you need to work together as a team. We do this in my setting by sharing out the jobs, for example who’s preparing snack or who’s supervising which activity. I also do this by helping my colleagues out when you can see they are very busy by taking on some of their jobs to make sure they can give the children the time and help they need, so everything gets done and the children get the very best out of our crèches, by doing this my colleagues also do this for me and we all gain each other’s respect and the children get the very best we have to offer and their learning journey is able to develop and progress.

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