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Holistic Practice

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A Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) is a person trained in various areas of holistic healing, including Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Body-Mind Medicine, (http://www.gcnm.com/holistic-health-practitioner-program). An HHP should have a holistic thinking that treat the whole being of a person rather than to cure the illness alone. This includes the emotional and spiritual state of a person and the nutritional diet he needs for a healthy and balance lifestyle. HHP are also concerned with the total being for his client, provide healthy teaching, and even provide personalized meal plan and appropriate exercise for a positive, healthy lifestyle of an individual.

Being a trained, known and respected HHP one has the ability to convey people way of living. As HHP main concern is to treat and improve clients’ whole health being and to maintain his image in his profession like having a reputable and trusted name in nutritional field and always think about the total wellness of the clients, to avoid some potential claims and trouble someday. In connection with this, one must give and provide correct and righteous advise to his clients.

Provide the whole information that the person needs in nutritional aspect and should not give false assurance to his client especially when they are not licensed to do so. Like giving inappropriate counsel and order. HHP must also fair and treat his clients equally, no matter who his client will be, because every person has the right for equal treatment. HHP must also not to take advantage of his position in giving command for treatment or medicine intake of his client, because every patient has the right to refuse treatment and it is part of patients bill of right. No health practitioners are allowed to violate that right.

In most countries only licensed practitioners can practice medicine. All states identify the practice of medicine generally as any activity involved in the diagnosis and treatment or cure of a disease or illness. In spite of this broad definition, there are thousands of unlicensed health care practitioners treating patients in different countries. This includes HHP who mostly do not have licensed to conduct treatment Law imposed every practitioner to acquire licensed to every field. Failure of such will otherwise be labeled as quack and therefore illegal and not allowed, to render any treatment nor advise, as the law aim to have a safer society.

The law restricted to support others who are not medically licensed, which in fact many are more willing to serve and treat people in a most innovative and natural way though they don’t have the said medical licensed. HHP combat this issue by being careful in their medicine innovations. They develop the basic principle for safety and successful without licensed through maintaining high and ethical standards, more careful in thoughts, words and actions, and take some reasonable precautionary measures like the use of simple disclosure and disclaimer, (http://www. Legal Guidelines Table of Contents and sample chapter.htm).

As we have noticed in most herbal medicine, it has always a disclaimer tag like no therapeutic approved claims, which is usually attached to herbal medicines bottom label to avoid any possible claims from the clients if ever they are not healed. The greatest way for unlicensed practitioners to stay out of trouble and remain under the profession of healing is to avoid treating clients with an advanced disease or dying person.

The other possible worst thing that an unlicensed practitioner can do is when he give false assurance to the patient with an advanced disease like cancer that the treatment could cure nor provide them longer life. The law is very strict with it, whenever there are claims from patients or clients. Prosecutors will leave no stone unturned until the practitioner is out of business and/or in jail.


Dr. Lawrence Wilson “Legal Guidelines for unlicensed Practitioners”.   http://www. Legal

            Guidelines Table of Contents and sample chapter.htm).

“What is holistic practitioners?”  http://www.gcnm.com/holistic-health-practitioner-program

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