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Health & Social Care Argumentative

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Whilst on placement you are asked to take part in some staff training about incidents and emergencies related to the service users. P4: Explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in Health & Social Care For my first incident and emergency I have chosen a Fire. This has a wide range of priorities and responses that could be taken by an individual and I will be discussing them in further detail below. During a fire within a work place there is two things you should always look out for, these are security and safety. During a fire safety of you as an individual is the main thing before trying to help anyone else. However, there is also, safety problems that you need to check within the Primary school building. Some of these are simple ones like checking that the fire alarm is working and is reliable this can be solved by having this tested every couple of weeks, doing this will also make the service users aware of what actions need to be taken when this is going off.

Another safety hazard that needs to be dealt with is preventing the building from collapsing. This will prevent young children or staff members from getting trapped when a fire is taking place as everything is built properly and is reliable. This can be done by making sure that the building isn’t built out of materials that will catch fire straight away. Lastly during a fire, people will be evacuating the building at a fast speed which could mean people will trip and this will cause a ripple effect as they will be getting stamped on which could cause a serious injury but make others fall to the ground also. To prevent this from happening the doors should always be wide enough to fit everybody through but a fire exit should be available in every classroom and this should be kept clear at all times. There are policy’s that link to this and these are the health & safety at work act 1974.

This policy that links with this makes sure that risk assessments are ran on the building frequently to make sure there is no harm and ensures staff members receive the correct training on how to handle a situation like this to ensure everybody feels comfortable when it is happening. Another policy that links to this is the Fire Evacuation. This makes sure that staff members are trained efficiently on how to evacuate the building when a fire is taking place also, what procedures they should take for example, making sure the service users are away from any explosives once they are out of the building e.g. windows & cars. Furthermore during a fire you always need to think about the security of the building. A good example of this is making sure you know who is accessing the building at all times after the event. This will prevent private & confidential information going missing for example, students private information like their date of birth, address etc. To prevent this from happening you should have security guards and a full CCTV operation working at all times all over the building.

Also, make sure alarms are working to prevent things being stolen that are not broken like expensive modern technology e.g. laptops, computers and other electrical devices. If these are stolen the primary school is losing money but will also, begin to shut down as they will have no equipment left that they could use at all so the service users will not be able learn to their full needs. This can be prevented by having these locked away in a secure cupboard or cage where only teachers can access these when needed or when the fire has taken place and certain things haven’t been damaged they could take all of equipment like this out of the building so nobody can access it and take it as it will be clear. Also, money this should be taken out of the building as usually this is kept in a safe. To prevent money being stolen from a Primary school they should open a bank and have their money in there so when a fire does take place they are not losing any of this and it is in safe hands.

During a fire within a primary school environment there could be lots of harm that could take place and injure the young children or staff members. The first harmful incidents that could take place from this are the building being damaged for example broken equipment, electrics. This type of incident could cause harm to young children, visitors and staff if they get trapped in a classroom, under any object that has dropped or behind others when the building is being evacuated. If the smoke gets inhaled this will cause health problems and could suffocate someone involved in this incident as there isn’t any fresh air to breath in, this could lead to death or them being seriously ill in hospital, someone who is involved in this can also, be in hospital for burns which could be anywhere on the body. All Primary Schools have professional cleaners who come in when the day is over to clean the tables and floors to stop germs and bacteria growing and spreading.

When these products are stored e.g. bleach and a fire takes place then these could explode as they should not make any access towards fire as they set alight really quick. Finally, when the building is being evacuated it can cause people to panic and trip, if this takes place it will then make others fall on top of them if they haven’t seen them and it will cause a rippling affect where more people begin to get injured and blood born infections will spread. There are many priorities that an individual needs to consider while being part of a incident like this and if they think before taking their actions these will be thought of and taken sensibly. The very first priority that should be taken is your own safety, this will ensure that you’re ok before dealing with others because if you have a burn or cut this could get worse or even spread blood born infections to others when actually they are trying to help deal with their injuries or to evacuate them safely out of the building or you will become another casualty or no one is there to help.

Furthermore this will keep you safe and make sure that the young valuable pupils are dealt with in an appropriate way as they could be life lasting injuries that will sometimes make people lose confidence if they are very severe burns as they could start anywhere on their body e.g. the face. The second priority of a fire is making sure the educational building is evacuated at a good speed. This will ensure that everybody gets out of the building in a safe and good effective way as the building will be getting evacuated correctly and far from the building. This is so that they are safe from any windows exploding and smashing onto them. Furthermore to ensure that this is fulfilled effectively all fire exits should be kept clear from any hazards for example, trailing wires, chairs & tables in the right places. These exits should be brightly signed and shown before the service users use the building. This will benefit the clients as they will feel comfortable when an event like this is taking place as they will not worry about going to the wrong place when they are being evacuated out of the building as all signs are brightly coloured and can be seen from anywhere in the classroom.

Furthermore, if there is no trailing wire’s, chairs and tables in the way it makes the exit more accessible for the young children meaning they will be able to go through the door clearly without any obstacles in the way. Also, they wont need to worry about any injuries taking place before leaving the building. Thirdly the next priority that should be taken place is calling the fire brigades. Doing this will make sure that you have a professional and qualified person coming into the building to sort the problem out but also, these can check for trapped people and what started the fire. This can help the primary school repair what the problem was effectively so they can allow teachers and service users to access the building quickly after the fire as everything will be under control by professionals. Having the fire brigade just a phone call away can stop the fire from spreading to larger areas of the building as they will be able to come faster and sort the problem.

After the fire they will also, be able to look where the fire started and can help the school environment fix the problem with a good outcome so everybody will feel comfortable and safe when coming to learn or teach in the building. When evacuating the building during a fire you should always make sure you’re using the fire exits that are in every classroom to make sure it is evacuated safely and at a good effective speed to make sure no one gets hurt for example burns. To make sure everybody in the building knows about these you should always make them clear to the young children and give them clear understandable instructions that they can take when they hear a fire alarm go off. This will prevent them from panicking or taking any silly actions which can put themselves or others under risk. Staff members should be given specific instructions and training to follow and they should not be able to teach the young vulnerable children without these and the proof that they have been and completed a course like this so parents and head teachers know that everybody is safe.

Furthermore these should be taken on a regular basis so each individual know how to handle the situation in a positive way and children know what noise to hear for on a daily basis to make them feel safe. During incidents like this you can not only just think of the priorities that should be taken place there are also responsibilities that should be taken by every individual involved in the event. There are a few of these and these should be followed correctly to make sure all problems are sorted. The first main responsibility is checking for injuries after an accident. This response will make sure everybody is safe after they have left the building and if they are not ok you should always have a trained first aid member of staff available at all times, this will prevent a injury getting worse but also, can be dealt with in a professional way.

However, if the injuries are severe you should always call an ambulance to the scene so they can take any individual to the hospital so they are not waiting around while their injuries are getting worse. If smoke is inhaled a member of staff should always send it to a qualified nurse to be checked out so the child or member of staff’s health won’t be getting any worse. Getting a nurse or other type of medical assistant will help to stop infections spreading to others for example, children spreading blood born infections to adults or their peers. Also, if a injury is found and they think it is bad they should always transfer them to someone higher which would be a nurse at a hospital as they have more experience and are dealing with these problems on a daily basis. During this it isn’t always cuts that take place it is commonly burns which will damage skin so if any of these are found they should always be dealt with before an open cut as they lead to life lasting injuries.

They should be dealt with effectively and quickly but not rushed so everybody knows they are in safe hands and can rely on others higher than them to make sure their health problems become better in the correct way. The second response that should take place is making sure everybody is away from hazards. This response will make sure everybody is safe when they have left the building and should have a designated area where they should attend for a head check and a register for each class. Also, these should be taken in the morning and afternoon so they know who is in the building at all times. Visitors should sign a visitor book so they are not forgotten about when a stressful incident like this is taking place. The designated area should always be as far away as possible from windows as these could smash and cut clients which could be severe or just a little cut within their skin.

You should always make sure you keep them away from cars that are parked close by as these could blow up as there is petrol within these vehicles that could blow up and this could lead to death or very severe injuries and you will be in hospital for a long period of time having nurses and doctors dealing with burns etc and sorting skin grafts. A final response is always check children’s behaviour that attends the school as they will be leaving the building in shock and they may panic. Checking their behaviour could prevent them from getting too excited and tripping; this could then lead to others falling over them putting more than one person in danger. Also, to prevent this from happening they should be given clear instructions that they need to followed and if they don’t consequences should be put into place to follow their silly actions.

If a child is in shock and doesn’t know what is happening this means they are not concentrating properly so you would need to make sure every child can hear you clearly when leaving the building and put into a straight line in register order outside, this will mean having clear pathways at all times so there is no obstacles in the way to stop a child leaving in a orderly manner. Fire checks should be done regularly so they know what to expect when it takes place and so they know how to deal with these without causing trouble for them, staff members should also, receive training during this so they know how to handle the situation in the correct way to stop more accidents taking place. There are not only responses that need to be done during a fire there are also responses that need to be taken after a fire. The first one that I am going to explain is making sure there is access for every child that attends the school and the school needs to make sure there are evacuation points for everyone, for example disabled children may be in a wheel chair or find it difficult to follow instructions so there should always be a large door for them to exit by and if there needs to be a lift then there should be or a private staircase that has a disability pram in that you sit them in and these are usual in a yellow/ black bag.

Furthermore, after a fire has taken place you should always get someone to come into your working environment to see what caused the fire and to see if you have the correct equipment e.g. fire alarms. A professional should make sure that they check each fire alarm to make sure they are working and are reliable just in case a fire is caused by smoke from the kitchen etc. This will prevent people from being injured as they will all be notified affectively by a loud noise that will not be miss able also, you never know if you’re going to get a death person within the building so you should make sure you have a brightly coloured light for example red that will also, go off as well as the noise these should be placed in every room. This will make sure that the school is accessible to all different disabilities. After a fire has taken place it should always be wrote down on paper or technically on a computer data base, this should include the date & time and how it is caused. This will notify others when they come and check the building to see if everything is clear and working reliably. For my second incident and emergency I have chosen intruders accessing the workplace.

This has a wide range of priorities and responses that could be taken by an individual and I will be discussing them in further detail below. During the day in a Primary school there could be lots of intruders coming in from the general public and these could cause a variety of harmful activities and one of these is private and confidential information being open to the general public. This will cause harm to every individual in a Primary School no matter if they are staff members or service users. To protect these from any possible events you should always have a visitor book and all doors should be closed at all times to stop the general public just walking in accessing information like names, addresses, contact numbers, disabilities etc. Also, the doors should always be locked and only staff members who are in the workplace everyday should have the possession of one of these keys. This will stop people just walking in but, staff members can see who is attending the building all the time.

If this data isn’t protected this means that the school is not following general procedures for example, the data protection act of 1998. Secondly there are vulnerable young children within a Primary School and if the general public find it easy to access the building it could mainly be paedophiles or parents & guardians who are not allowed to see a certain child and this has been set by the court. To prevent this from happening staff members should always make sure doors and accessible ways are locked to stop the general public coming in and causing harm to young people. Furthermore to stop parents & guardian accessing their child or relation on the day they start Primary School they should always be given pictures, names, and contact details about the guardians who are allowed to pick a child up. This will keep people from danger throughout the day but also, when leaving the building to go home. Furthermore, when staff members are working within a fast pace environment like this they should always feel comfortable in the building and should not worry about their safety during the day.

However if people come in from the general public and a member of staff has to deal with the situation they don’t know what individual is capable of and what trouble they could cause. This will mean that the member of staff is under more pressure than they should be and could cause them to have panic attacks as they don’t know what actions the stranger could take and if they have any weapons on them. This could mean that the individual is very unpredictable about the actions he can take. Finally things could start going missing e.g. money, documents, and portable laptops if the learning environment does not own any of these the learning could begin not to improve as the school doesn’t have the equipment it needs to teach the children to an acceptable level if this begins then the ofsted reports will begin to get worse and no one will want to send their child there in the future.

If the learning centre does not have the expenses this will lead to them not being able to provide reading books, writing books and other materials that the child needs to improve each child’s skills to enable them to get to further education in the future. This is all down to money being stolen and it not being known where it is disappearing too. When dealing with intruders coming into the learning environment you should always ensure that you look at the priorities that need to be controlled. The first thing you should always do in every single situation is your own safety because if this isn’t at a good level then you’re not in the right working mind to deal with others as diseases could spread through blood born infections. Also, if you’re not at a good level to attend work then the school will begin to lose staff and will need to pay for a cover teacher to come in which is not good as they teach in different styles so the chid may find it hard to understand and this will affect their skills. Also, you need to ensure that your priorities will make sure that everybody in a work place is safe and not at risks.

To make sure this is happening you need to make sure that all equipment is at a reliable working level to ensure that nothing breaks and causes harm to others, this can involve trailing wires, sharp edges & broken chairs. This will put everybody under risk as there are trip hazards and young children are most likely to hurt themselves on broken chairs and sharp edges as they are smaller and using these more throughout the day to do their work on etc. To prevent this from happening staff members need to ensure that they run risk assessments on everything in a workplace and trips that the young children are going to be taking part in. If certain things are not working they need to be disposed straight away and replaced so there is enough equipment for everybody to use and share. When dealing with this incident there are not always priorities and responsibilities during the activity there are also some after it.

An example of this is trying to get the intruder out of the building soon as they are noticed. This will prevent staff members and young children being under danger and making sure they are safe at all times during the day and not needing to worry is walking around the building. Also, to make these more noticeable all staff members should walk around the environment with their name badge and picture on so children know who they are and if they see anybody without one of these on they should report it straight away to make sure they leave soon as they are noticed. Also, there should always be members of staff checking the doors at all times to make sure they are not open.

The responses that should be taken after the incident, the main thing about this is ensuring there are all locks on the doors no matter if they are just locks that needs keys this will make the building more secure from strangers also, CCTV cameras should be placed around the building on the insides and out. This will let people to notice if there are people there who shouldn’t be but if they notice anything goings missing they can see this very clear to report it with evidence. Also, when employing staff and taking children in on enrolment you should always make sure the staff and children ratio is adequate to ensure children are being given the best support and advice possible. M3: Discuss health, safety or security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a Health & Social Care setting.

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