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Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

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Play teaches children how to interact with others and learn about the world. The toys you select for your young child affect his development. Your child’s current developmental stage plays a major role in toy selection. Observe the skills he is currently learning, such as fine motor skills, letter recognition, counting, self-care and language development, as a guide for selecting toys that enhance those skills. Age Recommendations

Most toy and game packaging includes a recommended age range. The age range is only a suggestion based on average child development. Use the information on the box as a general guide for narrowing down toy options. Use your knowledge of your child’s individual skills and development to determine if she would fall into that recommended age group. Read any printed warnings or safety precautions that are also listed on the package to determine if there is an additional risk that would make the toy inappropriate for your child.

The parts of a toy are a major factor when buying for young children. Even toddler and preschoolers still put objects in their mouths if the pieces are small enough. One simple test is to drop the small parts through apaper towel tube. If the toy fits through the tube, it is dangerous for young children. Inspect all components of the toy to determine if it contains small parts that present a choking risk. Toys often contain accessories to go along with the main item that are smaller in size. Look at the quality of the toy construction, especially if the toy has small parts attached to it. Poor construction increases the risk of a small part popping off while your child plays with the toy.

Educational Value
Toys bring children enjoyment, but they are also able to provide educational value for your young child. Choose toys that allow him to practice developmental skills he is currently working on. For example, if your 3-year-old child is learning to recognize letters, consider letter blocks or an electronic PRESCHOOL TOY that features letter games. For children who need practice with fine motor skills, choose toys that require small movements and control like blocks that click together or a set of stacking cups. Visualize how your child would play with the toy to determine the educational value it offers.

Many toys carry a violent theme, particularly in the form of weapons. Many action figures include attached weapons or promote fighting. Replicas of actual weapons also encourage a violent nature. These toys may encourage your child to act more aggressively when playing with them. Consider if you want your young child exposed to these aggressive toys. Play is an essential part of your child’s development — but a stroll through the toy aisle in your department store can be overwhelming. With so many toys to choose from for your little one, it is important to select a toy that is safe, age-appropriate, promotes healthy development and encourages positive behavior.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns on HealthyChildren.org that safety should always come first when choosing toys for your little one. Be sure to read warning labels on toypackaging and show your child how to correctly use the toy. The AAP also states that toys and their parts should be larger than your child’s mouth to prevent choking. Make sure toys are labeled “nontoxic” and that electronic toys are labeled “UL Approved”.

The AAP also suggests that toys appeal to your child’s senses. Toys that are different textures, bright colors and make noise — even just a soft rattling noise — stimulate your child’s sense of sight, touch and hearing. Open-ended toys — such as building blocks — encourage logical thinking skills.

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