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Harvard Business Case review

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Acknowledgement Payment Form) from the link given as “Click Here to Download in PDF”. This will be accepted for payment at any SBI branch anywhere in India. One part of the form is for Bank, 2nd part for student and 3rd part for use at Institute/Hall of residence. However, for those unable to download the challan in PDF format, they can go to onlinesbi.com home page › Other services › Reprint branch remittance form. Student should enter details, viz., select merchant name (IITKGP e transaction), Bank reference no or Merchant reference no (which the student already has), mobile number or date of birth and fill in image text.

4) Payment would be verified online. The status of completed online transaction will be posted at ERP system as soon as payment is received. The status of branch payment will be posted at ERP system during midnight. The subject registration can be done only after the payment status updated in ERP.

5) In some cases successful payment status may not be updated immediately in ERP system due to some technical reasons. The status would be updated within 24 hours in such cases. The student should login to ERP system after 24 hours to verify the payment status. PLEASE NOTE

Payment with new reference number can be processes only when earlier transactions are marked as failure at SBI.
Other Bank’s net banking: Incomplete transaction would be marked as failure in SBI during reconciliation at T+1 night. For example, incomplete transaction on 23rd would be marked as failure on 24th late night.

For card related transactions: Incomplete transaction would be marked as failure in SBI during reconciliation at T+1 on weekday and T+2 on weekend. For example, incomplete transaction on Monday would be marked as failure on Tuesday late night and incomplete transaction on Saturday would be marked as failure on Monday late night.

For SBI Branch mode: Incomplete transaction would be marked as failure in SBI during reconciliation at T+3. For example, challan generated on Friday would be marked as failure on Monday late night.

All other mode of payment: It would be reconciled during the midnight of same day.

6) Student paying their fees through loan
a) Students who take bank loan (other than SBI) to pay their study should instruct their bank/agency to transmit the amount directly to SBI, IIT Kharagpur, IFSC code SBIN0000202, Branch code 0202, Account No. 33885503489 stating the (i) Name, (ii) Roll No. (mandatory in Payment Description field) and (iii) Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy format) using NEFT mode. No other mode of payment will be accepted. After successful payment login to ERP system and go to the link Academic › Fees › Initiate NEFT Payment Verification Request. Enter details along with Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) Number of NEFT transaction (Please get this from your bank/agency).

F&A section will verify the payment and update payment status in ERP and you can register for the subjects. For those who may face a problem due to whatever reason their payment by NEFT/RTGS and payment does not get reflected at ERP after 48 hours, please update the passbook of the account from which payment has been made by NEFT/RTGS, scan it the page where it shows amount has been deducted, and mail it to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] mentioning the roll no written in by hand positively along with (b) scanned copy of the counterfoil of the NEFT form where Bank always writes in the UTR no and (c) scanned copy of one part of the challan where bank has placed a seal. b) In case of SBI loan student should generate the three part challan from SBI branch option (refer 3.f) and pay using that challan.

Bank should make the payment through proper menu in SBI system (Fee Collection › State Bank Collect), screen no 008765. In case of any difficulty the SBI branch official can consult with Mr. S. K. Sarkar, SBI LHO Kolkata (Contact No: 8001123434). The status would be updated in ERP within 24 hours.

7) Payment status would be updated in ERP only after amount gets credited in IITKGP account. As other bank‟s cheque, DD etc would take time for payment to be realized, those will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Payment through bank pay in slip, POS machines, or any other mode not stated above would not be accepted and acknowledged.

B. Academic or Subject Registration
1) Upon payment of fee and the subsequent updation of the ERP database: a. Students who do not have any backlog subjects will be automatically registered for the core/depth subjects of the Autumn Semester. They can also register for electives if they want to. The subject Registration Link will be activated from 23 May 2014 itself. b. Though the Subject registration link opens from 23rd May 2014 itself. It will be opened to backlog /supplementary cases only after declaration of supplementary/ summer quarter results. The tentative date of declaration of supplementary/ summer quarter result is 11 July 2014.

2) If Elective subjects happen to be a part of the curriculum of the next semester, the student must register for these by clicking the „Subject Registration for Current Session‟ link on ERP. This will be available only after the fee payment for the current semester is confirmed. 3) Breadth/HSS/Mgmt Subjects are allocated by ERP strictly on the basis of CGPA (of n-2 semester) and preferences. The allocation of Breadth, HSS and Management breadths is final and will not be changed under any circumstances. The allocated Breadth will be displayed on the Registration card.

C. Finalization of Registration & Generation of Print out
1) Students must finalize their Elective/Additional subject Registration on or before 17 July 2014. Printing of Registration card will be enabled only after student has finalized by clicking the „finalize‟ Registration on the Registration link. If the student does not finalize his/her Registration by 17 July 2014, the existing registration will be locked and no changes will be permitted to the Registration under any circumstance.

2) It is mandatory to print the Registration Card and submit it to the faculty advisor on or before 18 July 2014. Faculty advisors will digitally sign the Registration cards only after receiving the hard copy print out from the student.

All Subject Registration will be done strictly in accordance with the Academic rules and regulations. No Registration will be permitted beyond 17 July 2014.

Returning students after their withdrawal is over
Students who resume their academics after Semester withdrawal must first
report to the Institute, before fee payment and registration

Semester withdrawal can fall in any one of the following categories:

a) Withdrawal on personal grounds
b) Withdrawal on Medical grounds, in which case he/she has to be cleared by the B C Roy Technology Hospital Medical Board
c) Forced as a consequence of Disciplinary Action.

Students under categories (a) and (c) mentioned above, shall report to academic section first. while students under category (b) should get cleared by the Medical board of BCRTH and then report to academic section. The fee payment and registration shall be enabled thereafter.

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