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Gun Violence Problem Soulution

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1. What is the “supreme law of the land” in the United States?

2. What is considered one of the Constitution’s strengths?

3. List the six basic principles of the Constitution?

4. What is the definition of the term popular sovereignty?

5. What is meant by the principle of limited government?

6. What is the definition of the term rule of law?

7. Separation of powers distributes the nation’s powers between what three branches? 8. What branch of government makes laws?

9. What branch of government enforces the law?

10. What branch of government interprets and applies laws?

11. What specific principle makes compromise a necessity?

12. What is the definition of the term judicial review?

13. What specific Supreme Court decision established the concept of judicial review?

14. What is the definition of the term federalism?

15. What is a formal amendment?

16. The formal proposal of an amendment takes place on what level of government?

17. Ratification of a formal amendment takes place at what level of government?

18. What are the first 10 amendments known as?

19. What is a name given to the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments?

20. What specific institution did the 13th Amendment abolish? 21. What is an informal amendment?

22. List the five ways an informal amendment can take place:

23. The passing of laws and the creations of courts are considered to be what method of informal amendment?

24. What is the power of the President to make war without the consent of Congress called?

25. What is executive agreement?

26. What method of informal amendment was illustrated by the Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison, 1803?

27. What government agency was intended to be a “rubber stamp” of popular vote in an election?

28. What is one specific example of how customs have affected the office of the President?

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