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Group Dynamics

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More specifically, it is about communicating in groups and teams. My goal is to provide you with a broad understanding of the communication process our team used.

Well the first thing we did was identifying the type of group we were. We are a group of four that is considered s small group because we all shared a common purpose or goal, we all felt a sense of belonging to the group, and well exert influence on one another.

Secondly, we had to identify the type of small group we were. We found out that we are a secondary group because we only exist to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. Now being a secondary group didn?t stop there because we had to identify what type of secondary group we are. We found out that our group was a study group and the reason why was because our main goal was to gather information and learn new ideas. We all had the advantage of participation in a group were we all learned by being involved in a discussion. We had the advantage of having access to more information and a wider variety of ideas through the contribution of different individuals. It also improved our learning skills and allowed each one of us to learn more about our selves.

Thirdly, we had to identify what team was and we founded out that team is a coordinated group of individuals organized to work together to achieve a specific, common goal. Once we learned what team meant we all needed at least four additional attributes that give the term ?Team? distinct meaning. Which was each team-member had to play a role and have responsibilities, rules and expectations of how the team operates are dearly spelled out, goals are explicitly clear and specific, and we developed a clear way of coordinating our efforts. Lastly, we all made sure our group structure, process and goal was clearly communicated and understood among group members. We also defined communication to get a clearly understanding and what we found out was that communication is linear process in which a sender sends a message through a channel to a receiver that is affected by noise and context.

We also learned each person is concurrently a sender and a receiver and reacts simultaneously to all the variable that affect the interaction, including nonverbal messages, perceptions of oneself and of the people, and the context of the communication. The contexts of communication skills we used was small group communication because it?s defined as interaction between three and twenty people who meet for common purpose, feel a sense of belonging, and mutually influence one another. Small group communication involves both intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. We also used verbal communication because it?s the expression of something in words or language whether spoken, written or thought, by using all these steps allowed us to achieve our goal.


Communicating in small groups seventh edition By: Beebe, Steven A. and Masterson, John T.

Copyright 2004 By Pearson Custom Publishing

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