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Globus Strategic Plan

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Blue Wave Digital has developed a strategic plan depicting team decisions that have resulted in short and long term implications for our goal of being the clear market leader in the camera industry. In order to become financial successful Blue Wave had to make several adjustments in order for are strategy to become effective. One of the biggest decision was deciding which camera can make the most profit and still keeping customers happy, along with still being competitive within the camera industry.

Some of the key points strategically being used this week consist of pursuing a competitive advantage keyed to low-cost/low-price cameras, top-of-the line camera quality and performance, and more value for the money. Another strategy is aimed, at being the clear market leader in entry-level cameras, multi-featured cameras, or becoming the leader in both within the industry. Blue Wave Digital quickly discovered that we can can focus sales activities on one or two geographic regions or strive for geographic balance.

In order to do this, Blue Wave can pursue essentially the same strategy worldwide or craft different strategies for the Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America markets. The components that hold our strategic plan in place is additional information that must be complied weekly to keep Blue Wave Digital on track. Our team meets once a week to discuss and review market share numbers and demand of units, perform competitive analysis on our competitors, and review pricing trends within the market. Some of our most recent decisions this week included:

Adjustments to the number of stores for Entry Level and Multi Featured Product Design changes to enhance the quality of the units
Adjusted the number of stores to align utilized to availability Increased price $165 to the entry level and $400 to the Multi Features Entry level Changed order demand fulfillment, but didn’t adjust Multi Featured. We just changed the assembly for North America to match orders but kept all other territories the same Kept the recommended layoffs and additions to flow with demand, but increased base wage to 5% and adjusted fringe benefits to go to a positive 3.9% above industry Corporate Changes were changed to green initiative and energy efficient Adjusted loan payments and reduced shares issued. We also reduced the amount per share from year 5 to help support growth initiatives

By making the above changes for Blue Wave Digital we anticipate results with rising the EPS, ROE, Share Price, Credit Score and Image Scores. These changes will affect the cost-effective camera that will have a mass-market affect. This will result in significant savings in time, resources, and cost for Blue Digital. With significant time being saved Blue Wave will be able to service delivery capacity to the max while still maintaining focus on Blue Digital’s foundation.

Optionally, in the future, by allowing Blue Wave Digital to grow and development parallel to new development in the camera industry our future is bright. With all anticipated results Blue Wave Digital will be able to save and reduce errors in the future, plan currency purchases and associated savings, enhance inventory control; enhance service delivery capability and product lifestyle, along with consistent cost savings.

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