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Global Warming has been a great debate among people

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The question wheatear humans are contributing to Global Warming has been a great debate among people. Global Warming is understood to be a natural phenomenon which causes the increase in earth atmosphere and oceans because of high concentration of greenhouse gases but are humans aggravating the issue. Being a controversial issue there have been a variety of arguments put forward. This essay will argue, however, that human activities are negatively affecting the carbon cycle and enhancing the greenhouse effect, in turn causing global warming. In the long term, the earth may be exponentially different if we aren’t proactive in reducing our impact.
Figure 1: Shows some of the process in which carbon is moved. Also, shows how much carbon is stored in the different reservoirs.

Figure 2: Table showing how much carbon (in gigatons) is kept in different reservoirs.

Source http://www.sciencemag.org/content/290/5490/291
The carbon cycle is a natural process by which carbon is exchanged among the biosphere, geosphere, pedosphere, and hydrosphere. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased due to human factors in recent years. Significant changes have been seen since the industrial revolution
Figure 3: The graph shows the significant increase in Carbon Dioxide Concentration since the industrial revolution.
Under the natural process of the carbon cycle, the release of the carbon from fossil fuels would occur at a slow rate. However, our current society is extremely dependent on fossil fuel and extract it from the lithosphere in abundance. The CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere through the burning of coal, oil, natural gas for the uses of industrial development. This and other greenhouse gases cause the earth temperature to rise. This, in turn, could cause extreme abnormalities in the functions of the atmosphere, oceans, and land.

Figure 4: The emission of carbon dioxide from industrial activities

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor effecting act as a temperature regulator for the earth. When radiation from the sun reaches, it is absorbed than reflected. The greenhouse gases trap the heat keeping the earth livable temperature as seen in figure 5. This natural phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect. ‘Without the greenhouse effect we would be living in a very chilly place—the world’s average temperature would be minus 18°C, instead of the 15°C we are used to’(Nova,2017).

Figure 5: The different steps of the greenhouse effect

We, unfortunately, however, have started to increase the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at an unnatural rate. The burning of fossil fuel, agriculture and deforestation have caused an increase in earth average temperature, this is the enhanced greenhouse effect. The burning of fossil fuels and coal raises the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This unsettles the natural balance at which trees and algae stores co2. In addition to this trees are continuously getting cut down and burnt which also release more c02. It also means they are fewer capturement areas for carbon dioxide. ‘scientists estimate that by the year 2100 the average global temperature will increase by 1.4 degrees to 5.8 degrees Celsius (approximately 2.5 degrees to 10.5 degrees Fahrenheit).’(ThoughtCo,2017). While these increases may seem small they could have a dramatic effect on the planet. The rising temperature well causes seas levels around the world to rise. Meaning floods will occur more frequently.
In conclusion, since the turn of the industrial revolution human impact on the carbon cycle and greenhouse effect has increased. The burning of fossil fuels, clearing of land has caused the temperature of the earth to gradually increase. While we may not see the effect of our ignorance now we later may and it might just be too late. So as a society we have to be proactive or the earth as we know may no longer be the same.


Climatica. (2017). The Carbon Cycle – Climatic. [online] Available at: http://climatica.org.uk/climate-science-information/carbon-cycle
[Accessed 1 Sep. 2017].
Source 1 is an article made by Marin Black and published by Climtica. The source explains the carbon cycle and different aspect of it More example the different reservoirs, lithosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and pedosphere. It also talks about the human actions which are impacting the carbon cycle. Its intended for students like me looking for research. The website also has table and diagram showcasing the amount of carbon are in different reservoirs. This helps to reliability to the website. The site ends with a look into the future if we continue our current actions.
Bbc.co.uk. (2017). BBC – GCSE Bitesize: Carbon cycle. [online] Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/science/add_gateway_pre_2011/greenworld/recyclingrev1.shtml
[Accessed 1 Sep. 2017].
Source 2 to is a simple site made by BBC for schools. It shows diagrams of the carbon and nitrogen cycle. Its emphasis the impact the carbon cycle has on sea levels and how human interference can cause the rise of the sea levels
Nasa Earth Observatory. (2017) https://www.earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/CarbonCycle/page5.php
[Accessed 1 Sep.2017].
Source 3 also talk about the carbon cycle. It’s a government site which means s its facts, not opinion. They are diagrams and graph emphasizing the effect of changing the carbon cycle could have. It discusses how the hydrosphere could be effective by the burning of fossil fuels. For example, how all the co2 absorb by the ocean makes it more acid which could affect a lot of the marine life.
Nova(2017).Enhanced greenhouse effect.http://www.nova.org.au/earth-environment/enhanced-greenhouse-effect
[Accessed 1 Sep.2017].
Source 4 is made by Australian Academy of Science and published by Nova. This site discusses the natural occurrence of the greenhouse effect. Also, discuss how we have to change the earth composition of greenhouse gases in atmosphere cause of our technology advances. It also has graphs showcasing the increase in average temperature over. This website is very eye-opening causes it discusses what the future could be like and if we aren’t proactive it may be too late.

[Accessed 1Sep.2017].
Source 5 is a government website ‘.gov’ which adds reliability. It is published by Nasa in 2017 and discuss the greenhouse effect and steps it contains. It also touches on how humans have affected it by burning fossil fuels, clearing and agriculture. It contains diagram showcasing these different steps.
[Accessed 1 Sep.2017].

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