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French Revolution Argumentative

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The French Revolution was a very bloody and horrible event that had a major impact on France. The French Revolution began in 1789 in France and ended in 1799. There were many people involved in the French Revolution like Napoleon, Maximilien Robespierre, and Louis XVI. The French Revolution happened because peasants were powerless, poor, and hungry. The French Revolution was one of the most significant events of world history. It was significant for many reasons like the Storming of the Bastille, Reign of Terror, and Napoleon coming to power. The storming of Bastille was on July 14, 1789 when a mob searching for gunpowder and arms stormed the Bastille which was a Paris prison. The mob destroyed all of the guards and took control over the prison. Than the French people went into the prison and killed all the guards and stopped the mob. This mob trying to take over the prison was known as the storming of Bastille.[1]

After the death of Louis XVI, the Reign of Terror began. July 1793, Maximilien Robespierre became the leader of the Committee of Public Safety. Robespierre governed France virtually as a dictator and he put the citizens in fear because if they did not remain true than they would be killed. Robespierre rule was known as the Reign of Terror.[2] The French Revolution ended when Napoleon came to power. On November 9, 1799 is when Napoleon came to power in France. When there was no one to take over and be a leader, Napoleon took over. Napoleon had the right to take over power because he had the French military on his side. This was known as coup d’etat. Napoleon also came to power because the people of France knew he was a brilliant and good leader. Napoleon changed France forever.[3] The French Revolution had a big impact on France. Its impact was through big events like The Storming of Bastille, Reign of Terror, and Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. These events were very important in the French Revolution which made it so significant.


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