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Expository Essay- 3 Things to Bring on a Island

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What would you do if you committed a murder, and the next day you were forced to move to an island with no one but you? You could only bring three things with you. What would you bring? I knew killing someone would be the completely wrong thing to do , but I had to. Telling my father was the worst part. He is making me move to a deserted island were I’m going to live. I only get to bring three things. If I bring animals, power, and some protection, that shows that I can stay alive on the island for a while, without anything going wrong.

One thing I would bring with me when I go to the island is animals. One animal I would bring with me are pigs. I would bring pigs, they are one of the top ten most intelligent animals, if something bad were to happen they might be able to help me out. Another animal I would bring is cows. A reason I would bring cows is because they produce milk and, I could use them for meat. I would not only have something to drink but, I would also get to eat meat. The third animal I would bring are chickens. Chickens are one of the top ten breeding animals, so they could breed and I would be getting more and more chickens. Chickens also lay eggs. So not only would I be getting meat but eggs as well. This states that if I bring animals with me to the island I would be getting a whole bunch of sources of food, plus I would have someone to talk to.

When getting sent to a deserted island there probably will be no power. I think the smart choice would be to bring power. One source of power would be a portable heater. For all the cold nights, I am going to need something to keep me and my animals warm. Even though it might take a long time, it could heat up my food. Another power source I could bring along is a solar generator. I would bring it because if I ever needed to power up my heater I have the sources to do that. Something else I would bring, is a solar light. I would bring a solar light because when its dark out I would need something to see with so no creepy things could sneak up on me. Also, it would be a good idea to bring a solar light since in the winter it could get pretty dark so I’m going to need something to see with so I can still do my regular things in the day and night. This states that if I bring power I will
still be able to do the things I want and won’t have to worry about heat or light.

Something I should think about when I go to a deserted island is, there probably will be a lot of creepy things out there . It would be a good idea to bring protection with me as my third thing. One type of protection I could bring is an ax. It’s a really good tool, it has many uses. I can use if for chopping trees down to make a shelter, also to chop down fire wood. Plus it’s a good hand tool because if something were to sneak up behind me, one chop and whatever is down and ill have plenty of time to get away.

Another type of protection would be a Swiss army knife. It would be a very good type of protection ,just like an ax it had many uses. if I ever got in tacked with something like an animal one stab in the right place and the thing that could have attacked me is out. Another use for a knife is I can cut food and prepare food. I also would bring a M4 gun. I would bring this specific gun because it was used it the world war so I can rely on it to do its work and do its job. Also, if I need to shoot something that’s not close no me it has a 300 yard range. This shows that if I bring some protection I am sure to survive and nothing will stop me or get in my way.

If you ever get into some kind if trouble like I did and you have to go to a deserted island now you know some three very important things you should bring.

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