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Experiential Exercises

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1. Complete the Pay Raise Worksheet.

2. In the Forum, discuss your conclusions about who received which raise and your criteria used to award the salary increases.

Pay Raise Worksheet
April Knepper is the new supervisor of an assembly team. It is time for her to make pay raise allocations for her subordinates. She has been budgeted $3,000 to allocate among her seven subordinates as pay raises. There have been some ugly grievances in other work teams over past allocations, so Knepper has been advised to base the allocations on objective criteria that can be quantified, weighted, and computed in numerical terms. After she makes her allocations, Knepper must be prepared to justify her decisions. All of the evaluative criteria available to Knepper are summarized as follows:

Supervisory Ratings Output Absent Employee Seniority Rating* Rate Skills Initiative Attitude Personal David Bruce 15 yrs. 0.58 0.5% Good Poor Poor Nearing retirement. Wife just passed away. Having adjustment problems.

Eric Cattalina 12 yrs. 0.86 2.0 Excellent Good Excellent Going to night school to finish his BA degree.

Chua Li 7 yrs. 0.80 3.5 Good Excellent Excellent Legally deaf. Marilee Miller 1 yr. 0.50 10.0 Poor Poor Poor Single parent with three children.

Victor Munoz 3 yrs. 0.62 2.5 Poor Average Good Has six dependents. Speaks little English.

Derek Thompson 11 yrs. 0.64 8.0 Excellent Average Average Married to rich wife. Thompson Personal Problems Sarah Vickers 8 yrs. 0.76 7.0 Good Poor Poor Women’s activist. Wants to create a union.

Supervisory Ratings
Output Absent
Employee Seniority Rating* Rate Skills Initiative Attitude Personal *Output rating determined by production rate less errors and quality problem.

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