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Examples of Physical Appearance

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Now a days physical appearance is more important than being true to yourself as a human. If you’re a person who has beautiful or handsome face with a perfect body figure or posture you’re being acknowledge by everyone and If you’re ugly your being discriminate, people will judge and criticize you. Well its true and it’s happening right now in our society, but one thing that come first in my mind is being beautiful or ugly can never neglected us as a human being, how pitiful to imagine that people or society standards will judge your physical appearance.

You need to change your physical appearance in order to live with them just like Scottwesterfeld book Uglies, Uglies shows that people conform to the standards set by the society. Uglies explicitly shows how physical appearance is more important because of society standard, also it introduces us to a world where everyone looks, sounds, acts the same way where the authorities changes the way you think to suit their laws and ideals, Uglies is a novel set in the future where in your sixteenth birthday brings an operation that turns you from an ugly into a stunningly attractive or pretty.

The character of Tally is an ugly and also one of the mischievous, In the next two months and twenty six days Tally will be there to have a surgery to become pretty along with Shay. “Attractiveness or Goodlooking is the appearance quality that has received most attention.

In research on impressions from faces, people with more attractive face are judged more positively on a hust of dimension, they are perceive as more out going, socially competent and powerful, sexually responsive, intellegent, and healthy. (Eagly, Ashmore, Makhijani and Longo, 1991; Feingold, 1992, Langlois et al; 2000; Zebrowitz, Hall, Murphy, and Rhodes, 2002; Zebrowitz and Rhodes, 2004). Shay recited “Everyone judged everyone else based on their appearance, people who were taller got better jobs, and people even voted for some politicians just because they weren’t quite as ugly as everybody else, Blah, blah, blah.

Not to generalize but in todays society the more attractive faces or the more you have good appearnce have positive traits, people sight or perceive, these impressions are typically assumed to reflect cultural teachings, the fact that people from “diverse cultures as well as infants and young children all show similar reactions to faces that vary in attractiveness suggests that these impressions reflect some “universal mechanism rather than arbitary cultural influences” (Michael R, Cunnigham, Roberts, Barbee, and Druen, 1995: Dion; 2002; Krater, Zebrowitz, San Giovanni and Sherak, 1995; Ramsey, Langlois, Hoss, Rubenstein, and Griffin, 2004).

“Making ourselves feel ugly is not fun”, “This whole game is just designed to make us hate ourselves” Shay said, It indicates individuals faces who are ugly are unfit in the pretty society, It may feels like your dont desrve to be happy and to be love in order to acknowldege and this will come to an hatred to yourself unless you’re beautiful because unattractive people perceive more negatively than attractive people, It shows more similarity faces of unfit individuals that are adaptive for us to recognize, Indeed, the attractiveness halo effect appears to be driven more by the perception that “Ugli is Bad” than by the perception “Beautiful is Good” (Griffin and Langlois, 2006. ) In addition the more that more you have ugly face or unattractive physical appearance structurally resembled anomalous ones, the more negative impressions will you have.

In our world today its really hard to imagine that this happening right now like in the world of Tally and Shay there’s a diversity and for me this is discrimination the worst part of this standard in our society will continue on to next generations and maybe this standard will destroyed or perished the existence of humanity, But the truth is, this will never happen unless this standard will vanished for me being beautful or ugly is not an exception to live with or to socialize with other, you dont need to be beautiful or attractive to everyone sometimes being true to yourself and having a good soul is enough and if we help each other just let our eyes widely open and with our heart and mind to realize everything and for me Scottwesterfeld aims to use this revelation or acknowledging that the readers may find meaning and understand the cruel realities of life.

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