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Film Analysis Essays

A Beautiful Mind Essay

Critical Review Paper #1 – A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind is an amazing film by Ron Howard in which a brilliant man’s life is depicted as his battle with schizophrenia worsens and it takes a toll on his own life and the lives of his family. This movie was …

Country Lovers

Country Lovers May 27, 2013 Nadine Gordimer wrote Country Lovers in 1975. This story is about a prohibited relationship between an African American girl and a Caucasian boy on a South African farm. (Clugston, 2010) Years ago a relationship between two people of the opposite ethnic group was frowned upon. …

Out Casts with Cinematic Techniques

Out Casts with Cinematic Techniques Tim Burton is well known for his unique style in each of his movies inspired by his unusual childhood. By using different cinematic techniques, Tim Burton is able to point out an outsider in each of his movies. Each of these unique outsiders goes through …

Feature Article on Wag The Dog (Full Marks)

Those In Power Own The Truth What is truth? As Marcus Aurelius said “Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”. If all truth is simply a matter of perspective, then this perspective can be manipulated. Levinson proves in his film ‘Wag the Dog’ that we need look no …

"Welding With Children" Language Analysis

“Welding With Children” Language Analysis “He just stared at me, and i saw that he had no idea of what late was. Glendine, his mama, probably lets him fall asleep in front of the set every night. I pictured him crumpled up on that smelly shag rug she keeps in …

Auteur Theory

AUTEUR THEORY “The auteur theory is a way of reading and appraising films through the imprint of an auteur (author), usually meant to be the director.” Andre Bazin was the founder, in 1951, of Cahiers du cinema and is often seen as the father of auteurism because of his appreciation …

"We need to talk about Kevin"

Lynne Ramsay directed the film “We need to talk about Kevin” which has been chosen as the stimulus for this creative response. Nature versus nurture is the main issue depicted through the adolescent boy, Kevin. The intriguing debate between nature versus nurture arises as it questions which is the dominate …

Symbols in Cast Away

Personal Response for “Cast Away” “Cast Away” is a fantastic film that has many hidden meanings beneath the surface. Before being analysed, it seems like it’s simply about a man who experiences an adventurous journey after his plane crashes into the Pacific. After more thought was put into it, many …

Classification Essay-Movie Goers

Classification Essay Megan Lambert February 1, 2012 The Classification of Movie Goers Most people love to go to the movies. The movies are an escape into a fantasy world; a way to leave behind the troubles of life and experience a totally different one. However, everyone has a preference on …

The American Dream

Some people might agree that the American dream still exists, while others don’t or they have different beliefs. The American dream is one of the most controversial themes in the United States. I totally agree that the American Dream is still on, though we need to work a little more …

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