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Architecture Essays

The Research Methods Knowledge Base

            The Research Methods Knowledge Base is an online “textbook” that teaches about “social research methods” (Trochim, 2006). For the purposes of this paper, which is to focus on the design of research methods, I have chosen to examine the major types of research designs as described on the Research …

Renaissance Architecture in Britain

The Renaissance was a cultural movement in Europe during the middle ages that primarily surrounded on the revival of elements based on the Classical period.  This cultural period was mostly inclined on drastic developments and changes in the intellectual field, but it is best known for the contributions in aesthetics …

R. M. Schindler house on Kings Road

M. Schindler House on Kings Road             As one of the key successors to the architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Prairie Style” of architectural composition, R.M. Schindler expressed a further evolution of the concepts embodied in Wright’s works, such as open planning, an emphasis on horizontal planes, asymmetrical facade elevations, and …

Russian Avant-Garde Architecture: Mysticism in Form

The late 19th century Russian architecture witnessed the origin of the avant-garde architecture in Russian culture and art. Particularly, works of Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov and El Lissitzky speak of the uniqueness of the era, and serve to inspire later artists, giving birth to Western architectural modernism (Rykwert 2000). Briefly explained, …

Employees of Axolotl Corporation

Employees of Axolotl Corporation were sampled at random from pay records and asked to complete an anonymous job satisfaction survey, yielding the tabulation shown. Research question: at a=.05, is job satisfaction independent of pay category? Employees;     Satisfied neutral dissatisfied total           Pay type salaried …

User Interface Design notes for a Full-service Printing Web Site

Purpose The purpose of this report is to explore the profile of users expected to visit a print services website offering a full range of graphic design products and services.  The report will explore the expected profile of the users meeting this profile, and explain the motivations and goals that …

Leed Green Building Rating System

ABSTRACT This paper entitled Developing Resource-Efficient and Environment-Friendly Structures Through The LEED Green Building Rating System is an abridged study of the standards of the Green Building Rating System™ developed by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a third-party initiative program for “green building” certification recently granted to …

Service Oriented Architecture

The classic organization is now very complex, with dozens of different applications, databases, and processes all trying to interoperate at once. Though the perfect circumstances would be that all these poles apart pieces would come together and act as a single, well-oiled machine, in realism the image is very different …

Architecture Essay

Standing in the middle of huge buildings in a highly urbanized area is certainly one of the most awesome experiences that one could ever have. Being in the midst of the towering heights of the business buildings situated in Wall Street gives that alluring feeling to visitors of actually being …

Mathematics Graphic

Preferred language style: English(U.S.) Please Show all work. ( calculus 1 ) 1) Show that the given families of curves are orthogonal trajectories of each other. Sketch both families of curves on the same axes. x2 + y2 = r2, ax+ by= 0 The two equations are orthogonal trajectories of …

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