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Equality & Human Rights Commission

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In today’s world companies fully understand the value of equality and diversity in driving them forward. Equality of opportunities helps in creation of a fair work place where everyone can take part and has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, while diversity is realizing and valuing all differences in wider aspect. It is accepted that no company can reach it’s highest performance without realizing importance of equality of opportunities and diversity.

University of Salford Manchester is a well-known and reputes educational institution of United Kingdom. Initially its named as Royal Technical Institute Salford which was opened in 1896 and was named University of Salford in 1967. Today the university has a successful global presence and a turn over of £189 m. It has four colleges, 9 schools, 20,000 students and 2500 staff members. University has ambitious plans to redevelop the existing campus over next 20 years.

To explain the concept of Equality and Diversity, University of Salford will be used as an ideal practical example as it is full devoted to it’s cause of promoting equality of opportunities and diversity at the organization. It gives admissions to student from all over the world and stone wall index has placed it on 21st place in the list of best employers. So it has a very diverse community to deal within the sector of both employment and education. (University of Salford; 2013). EVALUATE THE ORGANISATIONAL COMMITMENT TO EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY AND DIVERSITY:-

According to Talloo (2007)
“Implementation of equality and diversity within the workplace and in the provision of service demands dedicated commitments at senior levels within the organization and clear lines of responsibility”.

University of Salford Manchester is a very well known and reputed university of UK which is fully committed to its policy based on values, promotion of equality of opportunities and diversity. It strictly avoids any kind of discrimination at all levels. It completely follows the rules identified within the Equality Act 2010 and is fully determined to fair dealing irrespect of age, disability, gender, marriage, civil partnership, race, religion, pregnancy, sex and sexual orientation etc. University of Salford also recognize the complexity of issue related to equality of opportunities and possible disadvantages which could occur due to multiple factor such as cultural and economic background, physical conditions, social surroundings etc.

All of these reasons could limit anyone’s opportunity to access education and employment but University of Salford acknowledge that experience, insight and understanding which people from various back grounds bring to teaching, engagement and research work is necessary for the success of institution. Richness of experience and size of perception increases their ability to identify problems and then solving them in a great way. All staff members and students both have rights and duties to promote equality. In addition Equality Act 2010, the University of Salford is also committed to follow codes of Practice issued by the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Government Equalities Officer (GEO), and Equality Challenge Unit (ECU).

They have an independent mediation service with qualified Mediators, achieve staff networks, equality and diversity co-ordinates and trained bullying and Harassment advisors. University of Salford is committed to its staff welfare and is also determined to enable its staff in gaining their full potential by providing a workplace environment fitted with dignity and respect. The university says “ We are putting a lot of effort into completing Equality Analysis for all our policies, making continual review part of normal working, rather than an occasional compliance requirement”.

Their new Equality and Diversity strategy sets out the strategic framework on Equality and Diversity till 2007. The University of Salford is committed to and try very hard for equality of opportunity for all it’s staff and students. They aim to lead everyone fairly by developing a culture in which diversity is celebrated. “ We embed equality and diversity at the heart of our mission and values including action against individuals who behave in a discriminatory manner”. (University of Salford Manchester;2013).

At the University of Salford Equality and Diversity is considered as a core value of the mission to be an internationally recognized enterprising university. Their strategy of equality and diversity provides frameworks for a wide range of complementary policies such as Race Equality Policy. Their strategy has eight basic goals to achieve which are as follows.

(1)Effective leadership
(2)Active use of data to review policies and procedures.
(3)Promotion and communication of commitment.
(4)Foster awareness and understanding of equality and diversity.

(1)Fair student admissions.
(2)Accessible learning environment for all students.
(1)Fair recruitment and selection of staff.
(2)Positive staff experience of life and the University.
(University of Salford Manchester; 2013).
The strategy is practically implemented by the Salford Action Plan. The University Executive has responsibility for managing matters related to Equality and Diversity. The Executive is responsible for compliance. The development of strategy and the monitoring of performance against all targets and for assuring appropriate resources allocation. The Action Plan has two areas which are Corporate Action Plan.

Professional Services Action Plan.
The Equality and Diversity Policy of University is available online to all staff members and students and is updated on regular basis to keep all actions in accordance to the Strategy and Action Plan. (University of Salford;2013) DISCUSS NOW BEHAVIOR, ACTIONS AND WORDS OF ALL MEMBERS OF ORGANISATION SUPPORT THE COMMITMENT TO EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY AND DIVERSITY:-

An Equality and Diversity Policy of a company can never be successfully complimented without the support and participation of all staff members. The responsibility of delivering equality and diversity policy successfully extends to all employees and management of a company. So in case of University of Salford all the members not only individually but also all together share and perform responsibilities to support commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity.

All University of Salford the creation of Vice chancellor’s Engagement and Consultation Forum (ECF) is an important part of University’s new approach to promote the equality and diversity. The ECF makes a clear distinction between management role in delivering equality goals and objectives of University and the monitoring & stakeholders engagement role are the main purpose of the Forum. It helps in giving stronger voice to those who are affected by decisions of policy makers and to provide more opportunity for staff service users and the community to propose solutions.

The Vice Chancellor has the responsibility for Equality and Diversity management and is assisted by Equality and Diversity Advisory Group. The University has Equality and Diversity Co-ordinates (EDC) is support integration of Equality Analysis. The main purpose of EDC is  Supporting local management in ensuring the Equality Analysis Programme.  Serving as the interface between local management and HR. (University of Salford;2013).

At University of Salford the direct engagement of staff and students in improving policy and practice on equality and diversity is something which is highly encouraged. This thing helps to ensuring that the policies and procedures are effectively responding to needs of people, promote respect for diversity and tackle instances of discrimination. The University of Salford’s LGBT Staff Network is open to all staff members, it provides support to LGBT people at workplace. Salford Staff Women’s Action Network (SSWAN) gives women staff members an opportunity to connect with one another also provide support to them. Salford University Disable Staff(SUDS), supports disabled colleagues, present positive attitudes, raise awareness, share information, work as a consultation network while following the legislation related to disability.

At University Black and Ethnic Minority Forum (BEMF) provides an authoritative voice for the group with in the University. They celebrate Staff Diversity Awards and gives Staff Prize on performing great role in the area of equality and diversity. The University also launches it’s Staff Faith Forum (SFF) in 2009 to reflect the diverse faith and belief issues. (University of Salford’2013). In short all the staff members, students, suppliers and management is dedicated a support policy for ensuring fair, equal and right treatment in issues related to work and studies.

According to Talloo (2007) the staff members and management of any firm must act in the manner that are in accordance with policies, legislation, procedures and good practices to support equality and diversity while avoiding any discrimination against others through the ways such as what they do or say? While interacting with colleagues, public, visitors or users of the services and the University of Salford follow these guidelines to promote equality and diversity and thus promoting a culture of fairness through out the company. 1.3 IDENTIFY ORGANISATIONAL AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND LIABILITIES UNDER EQUALITY LEGISLATION AND/OR CODES OF PRACTICE:-

According to Equality and Human Rights Commission (2010), the Equality Act 2010 covers and protects all such categories which comes under “protected characteristics” regarding discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, sex and sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy, race, religion or belief etc. Different sections of Act 2010 covers areas of activities related to provision of services and public functions, discrimination in sales, letting, management, housing, employment, education etc. A company may loose duties under more than one area of Act for example if employees people and provide services to the customers. (Equality Act 2010, Code of Practice;2010)

At University of Salford the commitment to equal opportunities is set out in Equality and Diversity policy. University of Salford is committed to follow Codes of Practice and guidelines issued by Equality and Human Right Commission (EHRC), Government Equalities Office (GEO), Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) and Attena Swan Charter which supports participation of women in the fields of Science and Engineering.

The University of Salford is in favor of transparent selection of staff. All the staff members are appointed in accordance with the Codes of Practice on staff recruitment and everyone deserves the equal rights to be trained on
regular basis.

“ We embed equality and diversity at the heart of our mission and values, including action against individuals who behave in a discriminatory manner”. (University of Salford;2013) University of Salford takes responsibility of it’s people and acknowledges the basic right for all members of its community. And for this purpose University assures that rewards and promotions opportunities and available to all staff with required abilities, they enable staff equal access to relevant leaving and development opportunities so that they can perform effectively. Development of systems to deal with issues related to dissatisfaction.

The University is determined to creation of an environment which encourages and support all students to actively participate and realise their full potential. University is completely following Equality Act 2010 and has it’s policies in place which deals with Bullying and Harassment, Recruitment and Selection, Discriminatory Procedures, Sickness, Absence, Grievance and Student Complaints. The University ensures that criteria for selecting students are clear and is open to all. University is fully committed to provide such learning environments which are relevant, appropriate and accessible to diverse group of students. (University of Salford; 2013).

According to Kirton ct al (2010), “Employees will incur the financial cost of discrimination by their employees so it makes sense for the employers to avoid legal actions against them”. Therefore it is the responsibility of a company to put such suitable policies in practice which can deal with all types of discriminations identified by Equality Act 2010 and in accordance to the government regulations. For example regislation related to discrimination clearly puts parts responsibility on employers for any discriminatory action on the part of their workers. The costs associated with bad practices on equality for outweighing the costs of implementing good practice. There is no limit on the amount of compensation which an Employment Tribunal can award claimed in cases of discrimination. (Lloyd & Ahmed; 2008). DESCRIBE THE ORGANISATION’S EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY POLICIES AND HOW THESE ARE COMMUNICATED WITHIN THE ORGANISATION:-

According to the statement of Lloyd and Ahmed (2008) “ An increase in society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect would be a society with less conflict and insecurity.” Good practices and excellence in diversity gives organizations the way to meet social needs and duties. It is against law for companies to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, belief, social orientation, marriage and civil partnership and disability.

As University of Salford is seriously committed to equality and diversity so is always ready to take serious and meaningful steps to ensure it’s implementation and to ensure that all policies, systems and procedures are with in the limits and requirements of rules and regulations established by government. The Equality and Diversity Policy of University of Salford clearly informs everyone regarding the University’s policies on the issues of Recruitment and Selection Policy

Staff Disciplinary Procedures
Sickness, Absence & Codes of Practice
Staff Grievance Policy
Bullying and Harassment
Student’s Complaint Policy
Fair Admissions Policy
Accessible Learning Environment for all students
Race Equality Policy (University of Salford;2013)
The Equality and Diversity Policy of University applies to all to all employees, students and all employees. In order to ensure effective communication of policies regarding equality and diversity the employees are informed at the time of appointment while the students are informed on their registration at university. The university gives annually awards to the staff members on their acts done for the promotion of Equality and Diversity and a calendar is also published for promotion of the same purpose. For proper communication of policy it is necessary that all the employees must be aware of the rules to be followed and for that a copy of the policy is available both online and in printed form.

The University consult time-to time with it’s stakeholders in order to ensure representation of equality groups and thus avoiding the risks of any kind of any kind of discrimination. For better communication of policy to the staff members a training program is also offered as a continuing process. Recently at University Equality and Diversity Advisory Group has decided a E & D Audit to check whether the people at University are focusing of the protected characteristics or not. It will help in producing a set of recommendations for the future direction and equality and diversity work. The audit will cover all policies and procedures and then a summary report will be produced which suggestions for action in each area of organization’s system. (University of Salford;2013) 2.2 ASSESS THE APPLICATION OF THE ORGANIZATION’S COMMITMENT TO EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY AND DIVERSITY:-

Assessing the application of the company’s commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity depends both on the expected results and the type of assessment method to be used as it involves an educational institution going by a number of stakeholders. The easiest way could be a use of questionnaire. According to Talloo (2007), “A natural and scholarly assessment is aimed at achieving three things the goals, information and action.”

In case of University of Salford the goal is what they want to achieve? (which is clearly known to be equality and diversity) the information shows hoe to achieve and the action is how to use the information for approving equality and diversity. In this regard the University of Salford had a thorough approach and well established systems for Equality Audit, Equality Monitoring and Equality Analysis. The Equality Audit is an opportunity to review Equality and Diversity across the whole organization. The audit will be mainly based in Stone wall index questionnaire will cover HR, champions, monitoring, procurement, colleges, networks, role models, engagements, recruitments and communications. Then a summary report will be produced. (University of Salford;2013)

As far as Equality and Diversity Statistical Information is concerned it is now public sector duty of the Equality Act 2010 that the information must be published on 31st January every year. It helps the staff across the university to access equality monitoring data. So at university the Governance Service Unit and the Planning and Performance Unit publish the equality and diversity data related to both staff and students. E & D data can both help in accessing negative and positive impacts of a policy on students and staff which helps in improving systems. (University of Salford;2013).

The University of Salford carry out Equality Analysis on all of their policies and procedures. The main purpose of equality analysis is to avoid every unfavorable effect of a proposed policy on university groups.

At University in order to promote equality and diversity agenda there are two particular meetings which are responsible for ensuring integration progression and monitoring of E & D with in the organization. The Equality Forum is responsible for stakeholder engagement. The Equality and Diversity Advisory Group (EDAG) not only assists Vice Chancellor nut it is also responsible for ensuring that the aims regarding equality and diversity are met. REVIEWING THE DIVERSITY OF THE WORKPLACE AGAINST LOCAL OR NATIONAL POPULATION AND IDENTIFYING AREAS OF REVIEW:-

Diversity is about the recognition and valuing the differences in a wider sense, it is about sensation of such a culture and a culture and practices which recognize respect and value differences for the benefit of both company and the individuals. University of Salford is situated in Manchester, UK a very diverse city in the North West of England. Therefore, they are committed to provide an environment in which people like to work and wish to be a model employer leading in good employment practices. The University is aware of and is proud of it’s diverse community of staff, students and visitors and is determined to treat everyone with dignity and respect. The University aims to create a culture in which Fairness is the root of everything.

Diversity is valued and celebrated.
Good relations between diverse groups are promoted.
People are given respect irrespect of their background.
Benefits are maximized to the local diverse communities. In line with the needs of Equality Act 2010, the University has designed its main objectives of
Promoting diversity in the workplace via our E & D strategy ‘Listen’.
Promoting Diversity at Council and Executive level.
Developing our people with the support of focused training.
Embedding equality in the work we are doing to transform University via transformation board and use of Equality Analysis.
Continuing to closely monitor the disproportionate outcomes for BME students in academic misconduct cases seeking where possible to reduce that disproportionately.
Improving how we respond to those in the University with disability.
Better understanding the needs of our staff and students via questionnaire.
Encouraging a more diverse representation of staff and students. (University of Salford Equality and Diversity Annual Review;2012). University of Salford does not tolerate discrimination, victimization, bullying or harassment of any kind. The E & D policy of university clearly states that the behaviors through which diversity is evident must be consistent with the value which under pin the policy document.

The vision for equality and diversity supports values set out in University’s Vision of 2017/18. “the University of Salford will be, by 2017, an outstanding University renowned for the quality of it’s engagement, humanity, global reach and leadership in research innovation and education”. (University of Salford;2013).

Diversity, humanity, fairness and respect are among the values of university. It is clear that university is determined to promote it’s diversity related policies in future and will try to achieve it’s desired goals through its Equality and Diversity Policy, Listen and Action Plan.

E & D annual report (2011/12) has noticed a number of good practices and progress made in work on equality and diversity agenda. Some of the key developments include Reaching 21st Place in Stonewall Index (2nd Highest HEI) Holding a national conference on faith and sexual orientation. Celebrating LGBT history month and Black History Month.

University wide of questionnaire in relation to Staff Networks. University Wide Equality and Diversity Audit.
(University of Salford E & D Annual Review; 2012)

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