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Encouraging Appropriate Behavior Case Study

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Many teachers are faced with the difficult task of managing their student’s behavior. Even if we have developed the best, most effective classroom management plan we can think of, there will always be a few students who act out or disrupt the flow of learning. This is no different for Ms. Anderson. She is a 5th­grade teacher, who in their second semester together, has run into a disruption problem involving two of her students, Patrick and Zach. Ms. Anderson’s class has only 25 students, but Zach and Patrick’s growing number of disruptions are causing the entire class to get off task and become more interested in their constant fighting than learning.

According to Ms. Anderson’s observations, Zach likes to argue with Patrick, yelling (or crying)  in response to Patrick’s teasing, and is even prone to pushing Patrick if he does not get the response to his requests or comments he desires (Curran, C., & the IRIS Center., 2003). Patrick is the cause of more disruptions in class, as he results to teasing Zach and other classmates by name calling and/or making hurtful comments, calls out during class or gives unrelated/inappropriate responses if called on during class discussions (Curran, C., & the IRIS Center., 2003). He results to arguments if teachers asks him to stop the teasing or stop his other undesired behavior (Curran, C., & the IRIS Center., 2003). Because of their disruptions, she cannot get the class to complete their assignments and little to no instruction gets done. In order to get things back on track and diminish all of the disruptions caused by Zach and Patrick, I will suggest several critical goals for them to focus on, as well as discuss why I chose those particular goals using several strategies I will implement that will help encourage appropriate behavior.

Zach and Patrick
Based on my observations of this case study, I feel that Patrick is more extroverted than Zach. It is exhibited through his passion for sports, being the center of attention, and how he never stops talking. Zach, on the other hand, is an introverted student, who does not like talking in class (unless provoked by Patrick), interested in spending time with the class guinea pig than his peers, and likes to keep to himself during independent work time. I would create the following behavioral goals for Partick and Zach to focus on during this semester:

â—Ź Increase the number of reading assignments completed and participation in class discussions and conversations by pairing him with PatrickÍľ and â—Ź decrease the number of disruptions in class by incorporating activities pertaining to animals or geometry

â—Ź Complete independent work quietly by pairing him with ZachÍľ and â—Ź Increase interest in class discussions and minimize disruptions by utilizing interest in storytelling
As a teacher, in these situations, I would more than likely create opportunities for the boys to “switch roles,” or complete activities or assignments that the other student finds interesting. I feel that because Zach is a student who is struggling in reading because of his disability, he feels he has to counteract by responding to Patrick’s teasing. If there were opportunities in place for him to channel that frustration and increase his reading capacity, he would not result to such disruptions and his self­esteem in his ability to accomplish things will increase tremendously. Pairing him with Patrick would cause them to interact on a different level and cause them to see the other’s perspective.

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