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Elementary School Stage Performance

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It was back in elementary school in Vietnam when I first realized that I enjoyed performing in front of an audience. Everyone gathered outside at the school’s field to honor the teacher. I walked out with my quartet singing group to perform a children song relating to respecting teachers. Being an elementary student and performing within a group made it comfortable for me to perform confidently in front of the whole school. However, In the beginning of spring when I was in 6th grade, I made an entrance toward the band room. This was my first solo experience. That day I realized I had stage fright, and that it was something I had to overcome and gain confidence with.

My first time auditioning in front of judges and other contestants was nerve wrecking. I noticed everyone was staring at me. My eyes were focused on the judges wondering if i’ll be able to impress them through my 1 minute audition. Suddenly, my heart was beating rapidly, speeding up so fast as if it was about to burst. My face started to heat up, my stage fright was exposed by the bright redness of my cheeks as I started to sing. When it was over, I walked off with disappointment of my audition.

A Few weeks after the audition, I learned that I got the part for the cultural talent show. On that day, the entire cast gathered for practice. With my stage fright still present, I step up to perform. At the end of my performance, everyone was cheering for me which helped me regain my confidence. It also helped me feel prepared and excited for the final performance.

My big night was on April 25th 2011; it was that day which made a big impact on me. I took a quick peek at my watch, seeing 7:00 pm on the hands, I panicked and realized that my performance will start in 10 minutes! Before I knew it, the MC called my name saying, ” the next performer (insert name), will be singing a song called ‘insert name.” Stepping out on stage, I approached the microphone. As I began to sing, the microphone shook like a tambourine in my hand. My mouth felt so dry that it made me unable to taste the saliva. Suddenly, I heard loud noises of audience members yelling like a baby screaming for their mother. I could smell their sweat from the stage. By the end of my performance, my body didn’t shake anymore. I overcame my stage fright.

Although when I first started performing I wasn’t afraid, my solo experiences presented a challenge to me. The disappointment I felt after my audition made me aim for success and improvement. The encouragement I received from the cast gave me confidence, which I applied to overcoming my stage fright. After this journey I’ve grown into a more self-assured performer. I am thankful for the experience because it shaped me into a person who appreciate one’s abilities. Since I’ve overcome my stage fright, I feel that I can overcome any obstacles and i’m willing to continue to develop.

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