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Effectiveness of Communication Arts’ Audio-Visual Presentation

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Communication Arts is a course that intends to provide students with a solid foundation in liberal arts to prepare them in their pursuit of a career in Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Television Production, Radio Production, Film Production, Advertising, Event Management, Public Relations, and many more in the field of Communication Arts .The course aims to equip and prepare students to be productive in their chosen career path. Students are provided with an opportunity to study and develop their linguistic, analytical, critical and creative abilities. This aims to equip and prepare students to be productive and responsible Filipino citizens in a rapidly changing world. (www.cdsl.edu.ph). Communication Arts is not just a tertiary course that deals with broadcasting, communication and mass information. It also includes proper interaction between the people and the media. The existence of Communication Arts can affect the community and the progress of a nation. Such responsibility will uphold the interest of the high school students regarding the communication arts degree. Colegio de San Lorenzo is a private school located along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City. It is one of the colleges you can find in the city with good location, school facilities, and quality education.

Also, it is one of the schools that offer Communication Arts. The program is divided into different approaches of mass media including Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism and Film. Subjects under this course include photography, theatre arts, mass media and TV, radio and multi-media production. Audio Visual Presentation is one of the most effective ways in promoting the Communication Arts department of Colegio de San Lorenzo. Visuals are easily absorbed rather than listening to someone who is discussing. It is more enticing to the audience to see what the Colegio de San Lorenzo’s Communication Arts have more than other courses and universities. Audio-Visual means relating to both hearing and sight. It is designed to aid in learning and teaching by making use of both hearing and sight. The study has compared the effect of audiovisual presentation and text only presentation on short term memory. From our study, we can conclude that audiovisual presentation has better effect in memory than text only presentation.

This result might be explained by the common belief that people in general prefer to acquire knowledge using visual cues. There is no significant difference of the students’ preference to audio-visual presentation in both the intervention and control groups. This indirectly indicates that the students’ performance in memory test is not affected by their preference to either audio-visual or text only presentation. It is believed to be due to the ability of the students to perform in their best capability when they are given a test or a task to complete. As for many students, the desire to perform their best in academics is strong. (Does Audio-visual Presentation Have Better Effect on Memory Compared to Text-only Presentation? An Experimental Study among Melaka-Manipal Medical College Students from


Audio visual presentation adds impact and interest to a lesson. They enable to appeal to more than one sense at the same time, thereby increasing the audience’s understanding and retention level. With pictures, the concepts or ideas you present are no longer simply words – but words plus images. (Effectiveness of Using Audio Visual Presentation in Teaching College Physics to Medical and Allied Courses Students of Our Lady of Fatima University.. StudyMode.com. Retrieved 03, 2011, from http://www.studymode.com/essays/Effectiveness-Of-Using-Audio-Visual-Presentation-607183.html)

Who among the fourth year high school students would choose to take up Communication Arts? GENERAL OBJECTIVE
The objective of the research is to know the effectiveness of an Audio Visual Presentation. To determine who among the selected fourth year high school students of Sauyo High School will enroll and take up AB Communication. The researches aim to give recommendation based on the feedback given by the selected high school students of Sauyo High School.

The study aims to introduce the Communication Arts Department to the 2012-2013 selected senior high school students of Sauyo High School. In addition to this, it also aims to know the number of students who will choose to continue their tertiary education in Colegio de San Lorenzo and take up AB Communication. The audio visual presentation that will be produced during this study will be used for the “Career Talk” and for the marketing purposes of the Communication Arts department. This also aims to introduce to the high school students the Communication Arts department and its administrators, how the parents can save money because of the low tuition fee Colegio de San Lorenzo offers in comparison to other colleges or universities, and for the reference of the future researchers. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS

The population is focused to the 2012-2013 selected senior high school students of Sauyo High School. An Audio Visual Presentation will be produced to market Communication Arts department of Colegio de San Lorenzo. All materials for the audio visual presentation will be new and live motion. The researchers will not use animated characters and will not cover any other facilities except for the Communication Arts department. The location for the shoot will be the entrance of the school, lobby, amphitheater and the main focus will be the Media Studies Hall where the Communication Arts facilities are located like Radio Booth, Editing Booth, Director’s Booth, Studio, Speech Lab, and Dean’s office. The researchers will also include pictures of past events headed by the department to support the testimonials of the Dean and President of the Communication Arts department. Other than that, non-Communication Arts facilities will not be included in the study.

Elaboration Likelihood Theory
Elaboration Likelihood Theory was first introduced by John T. Cacioppo, Dr. Richard E. Petty. This theory was applied to media areas such as marketing, advertising and consumer behavior and proves to be consistent and applicable to the vastly growing media and computer mediated environments most especially on web expertise, attitudes towards the website and trust in the internet. The core of this theory claims that a person route of thinking determines changes and based on the idea that attitudes are important because attitudes guide decisions and other behaviors. (Elaboration Likelihood Model – Persuasion Context. (n.d.).University of Kentucky – Welcome to the University of Kentucky. Retrieved April 28, 2011, from http://www.uky.edu/~drlane/capsto)

This theory states that there are two routes to persuasion: 1) The central route uses message elaboration to process new information and carefully scrutinizes the ideas, try to figure out if they have true merit, and think over the implications 2) The peripheral route uses irrelevant cues to illicit a quick response with a minor shift in attitude. It is also a mental shortcut process that accepts or rejects a message based on irrelevant cues as opposed to actively thinking about the issue. Elaboration is “the extent to which a person carefully thinks about isssue-relevant argumentscontain in a persuasive communication” Griffin, Em. 2012. A First Look at Communication Theory:8th Edition.New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Petty and Cacioppo


“The Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion is a theory that delves into the processes in which people respond to persuasion” (Yan Tam & Ying Ho, 2005) As practical persuaders, the researchers will be focusing more on the central route pertaining to the source and the message of the AVP since it leads the elaboration of message content and provide more stable attitude change than the peripheral route to persuation. The researchers’ role also is to expose our target to utilize central thinking.

Conceptual Framework
To highten the minds of the audiences the researchers decides to produce a persuasive audio visual presentation that is more relevant to the real life of Communication Arts community in Colegio de San Lorenzo. Persuasive means compelling, involving, eye catching, demanding, and noticeable. The researchers know that persuasion is an extremely complicated area of communications due to the fact that we are all very different, we live in different situations and are seeking different goals. The Elaboration Likelihood Model is valued because it offers a way to understand how attitudes are formed and changed. The theory can be applied to persuasion because it provides means for a person to understand who they are trying to persuade and what route to take.

Agenda-Setting Theory
Agenda-setting theory has been developed by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Show and it gives the opinion that no matter what you think, but matters what you think about. (http://www.uky.edu/~drlane/capstone/mass/agenda.htm)

This theory focuses on the two elements: 1) awareness 2) information.
“The press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about.” (Bernard Cohen, 1963)

(http://cw.routledge.com/textbooks/a2mediastudies/students-casestudy.asp) McCombs, M. and Shaw, D. (1972) ‘The Agenda-Setting Function of Mass Media’. Public Opinion Quarterly, 36 (Summer), 176-187.

McCombs and Shaw (1972) shows how the public’s perception of reality is shaped by both reality itself and the ‘reality’ as portrayed by the media. Media organizations do not just passively broadcast information repeating the words of the official sources or conveying exactly the incidents of an event. They also do not select or reject the day’s news in proportion to reality. Through their selection and display of the news stories, the reporters and the editors focus their attention and influence the public’s perceptions of what are the most important issues of the day. Our pictures of the world are shaped and refined in the way journalists frame their news stories. This function of media is called the agenda-setting function of media (McCombs, 2002)

To determine the persistent role of media, the researchers do not reflect reality, filtering and shaping only. The viewer’s opinion after watching the AVP is important to resolve same issues by telling us what to think about. Conceptual Framework

The AVP aims to let its viewer’s think that reality is not how they think about. The researchers will create a new agenda. This new agenda will identify the viewer’s perception of reality but still we will make an equal treatment through framing. However, the researchers will decide which issues to select, follow up, highlight, interpret and manipulate to determine if the new agenda is effective using the opinion of the viewers.

Research Design
The researchers will be using both the qualitative and quantitative type of research. The study will conduct a survey and focus group discussion to the gather information from the selected high school students in order to fulfill the objective of the study.

The researchers will be use focus group discussion and survey to gather feedback in identifying the effectiveness of the Audio Visual Presentation to the selected high school students of Sauyo High School.

There are 10 respondents for the focus group discussion and 100 respondents for the survey both coming from the senior high school students of Sauyo High School for the Academic Year 2012-2013. The selected students are most likely planning their degree in college. They are the subject suitable for this research. The researchers chose the high school students of Sauyo High School because of its accommodation.

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