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Different reasons why people Communicate

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1.1 Different reasons people communicate: There are different reasons why people communicate in work settings which are listed below. We communicate to express our needs(physical or emotional needs): As adults we express our needs and feelings and we also allow children to and young people to do the same because when children are not allowed or don’t have to opportunity to express their needs or feeling they tend to get frustrated and some adults do as well. A scenario was my daughter whom her teacher put her on a sad face because she was caught telling a boy in her class to stop touching her but her Miss didn’t see the part where the boy was touching her but the part were she was talking and when she tries to explain to her Miss, she didn’t want to hear it which made my little girl sad until pick up time and she didn’t speak until we got on the train so I couldn’t go back to speak with her Miss.

We communicate to share ideas and information: We gain and share ideas and informations both at work and placements with colleagues, parents, careers, families and other professionals and these informations we share or gain tends to help, improve and boost the way we work, an example of this is the voluntary parents outreach worker that I do involves me going to different playgroups sharing informations with parents and careers about differet trainings, activities and courses they could get involved in with their little ones and as I share those informations I acquire more knowledge and skills by always trying to find out more things to feedback to parents about a particular question they’ve asked me or just for my own self.

We communicate to build relationships and to maintain relationship: As professionals in our work place we are actually in the process of maintaining relationships especially when we say hello or goodbye. Also in our homes it could be with our spouse letting him know how we feel about what they did or didn’t do, what we like and what we don’t, it could also be with our children which helps them to build trust in us, because the more we communicate with our children, it helps them to communicate back to us about things that happened in school that day rather than keeping things to themselves or finding that jtrust among their peers rather they come back to us as their parents because be have built that relationship through communicating effectively with them.

1.2 How communication affects relationships at workl
Communication with colleagues, people using services, children and families: To work effectively with children and young people we have to establish a good relationships with a range of people because practitioners who have good communication skills are likely to have strong relationships with children, parents and other adults, also effective communication affects all aspect of our own work because without it our work would be difficult to coordinate and be successful. It is also important to communicate effectively with colleagues because it can break or make team of workers. Example is when we fail to inform a co-worker that you are running late in other to get someone else to cover before getting there.

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