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Development In All Spheres Of Life

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Our society is changing at an incredible pace and no one can deny that this phenomenon is occurring due to the enormous development on all areas of life, technology is at it’s peak, we currently have tons and tons of information online which is one click away, in the medical area new treatments are being developed, and millions of lives are being saved, clearly our society is being impacted positively thanks to the progress done. One of the biggest improving factors in our society is in the medical field, where we have improved tremendously through out the years. one of the methods that has helped in the advancement of the medical field is animal testing which has helped create medicine for both humans and animals, according to the CVMA (California Veterinary Medical Association) animal testing and research has helped save countless lives in the past 100 years, and also as stated by the AMP ( Americans for Medical Progress) without animal testing millions of animals would be dead from more than 200 different diseases.

Many doubt if the use of animals is legitimately needed, many organizations like PETA fight for animal rights and believe that animal testing is cruel and unnecessary, due to new alternative methods, but according the FDA and the article ‘Yes, Dad, There Are Alternatives’ posted on the Joseph Hopkins School of Public Health, there are many areas where animal testing is needed and some other alternatives for animal testing are not scientifically valid, animal testing could seem unethical. One of the reasons that animal testing works is that animals contain a similar DNA to Humans, according to the California Biomedical Research Association animals like mice and chimpanzees have 98 to 99 percent similarity to human DNA, the second and most important reason for animal research is to prevent the use of humans in testing, it would be more unethical to test on humans that could affect the rest of their lives, a clear example of this situation is the Tuskegee experiment on syphilis where the U.S Public Health Service studied 600 African American males with syphilis, at the of the study only 74 of the clear victims survived.

At the end of the day what is more unethical to test on animals which for reference we eat almost 360 times more chicken than the total amount of animals used for research or to start testing on humans like it has been done in the past, we as humans tend to point fingers where we see problems but sadly on this case the outcome provided by animal testing morally outweighs and justifies the use of animals, thanks to the improvement in the medical field our society is benefiting from medicine created and new methods or procedures use to save million of people around the globe. Another area where improvements have contributed to our society is technology, we know and see technology everywhere, and are now part of many aspects of our lives, technology has become an extension of our lives, Elon Musk CEO of Space X and Tesla said that we are technically cyborgs because we need and use our phones constantly, he explained that it’s like a super power because we have tons of information in the palm of our hands, something that didn’t exist not that long ago.

According to the Pew Research Center most of U.S adults believe that technology ans science development has a positive impact on society, technology is always giving us things we din’t know we need it, but now we wouldn’t live without them, simple things like communication, we all carry a phone now days according the PRC 95 percent of U.S adults own a cell phone, this technology allows its users to communicate to anyone around the world, making this statement could seem normal to the reader because we already count with this technology, but in reality we couldn’t do without it, in estimate around 6 billion phone calls are being made every day in the U.S this shows the magnitude of how much we use our phones to communicate. Some argue that phones are killing face to face interaction between humans, and even though this could seem as humans are’t interacting with each other at all, in reality its all the way around, as reported by statista.com there are 2.62 billion active social media users and that number is estimated to grow to 3.02 billion by the end of 2021, this statistic shows how connected humans are becoming. Everyday life is speeding up and as a result humans need to keep up with it’s pace, this is where technology plays an important role by helping humans do the most in the least amount of time even in little things like helping people getting in touch with others for that human to human interaction, or having all sorts of information in the palm of our hands.

Although many could argue that technology has impacted negatively our environment, we can use new technologies in order to help improve environmental issues. now days we have the technology to get energy from many renewable sources (solar. biomass, wind, geothermal. and hydro power) and like all type of technologies is only going to get cheaper and more efficient, one of the problems that is affecting our environment is crude oil which is used to make fuel, the drilling and transportation of crude oil create oil spill that contribute to worsen the environment, according to oilcare.org oil pollution harms animals and insects, disrupts the food chain, prevents the plants from photosynthesis,and takes the environment a long time to recover, after this crude oil is made into fuel which is used on cars, trucks and even planes this fuel contributes on air pollution, according to CARB air pollution has been linked to cause asthma, lung cancer and heart disease, the UCSUSA says that 42 percent of air pollution is due to oil spills and fuel emission, this is where technology can play a big role in order to tackle down this problem now days companies like Tesla are taking advantage of their patented technologies in order to make electric cars which.

Are about 3 times more efficient that fuel cars and also don’t emit any residue or pollution into the air, it’s clear the absolute potential that new technologies like using electricity as energy instead of fossil fuels has, this could improve air quality, make energy cheaper and more efficient, without a doubt electricity could be our new source of energy in the near future, which would make a tremendous impact on our society. Our society is changing constantly on a fast pace thanks to the growth on multiple areas of life, human society has improved on the medical area, on the technological and even in creating new technologies that use renewable sources in order help the environment, yes there is always a negative side or drawbacks in new technology, but this happens on every new technology because it isn’t just perfect at the beginning, there is a time based process in order to improve and develop technology. that is why humans shouldn’t jut look at the surface but dig deeper and take a look at the whole picture you can see how beneficial this advancements have been and could be in the near future in order to improve our society.

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