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Developing the Right Philosophy of Education

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A philosophy of education is very important in the teaching profession. All teachers have their own unique philosophies. My personal philosophy of education contains many different aspects. For instance, in my opinion all teachers are valuable. The younger the teacher the more current the knowledge, the older the teacher the better the wisdom. Determining a personal philosophy of education is a very important part in becoming a teacher. One day, I hope to be able to utilize my philosophy.

My philosophy of education begins with my ideal classroom. Inside my classroom, I would like the children to feel comfortable with themselves, their peers, and myself. An ideal classroom for any teacher and myself is a classroom large in size. I would utilize a large classroom by putting one or two long tables towards the back of the classroom, for various special projects, group work, story time, sharing time, etc. All of the students desks in the classroom will form a huge semi-circle with enough room between each desk, so each student has their individual space. I will let my student choose where they want my desk to be in the classroom. The walls in the classroom will be decorated with the student’s drawings and what they would like on the walls, if allowed by school codes. In my opinion a room like this creates conversation, individuality, gives the students a sense of freedom, make the student feel like it is their class, as well as helping to gain their respect.

I want my teaching style to reflect not only my views as a teacher, but to also reflect the uniqueness of my classroom setting. My main emphasis in teaching will be to grasp the student’s interest. In my opinion, if a student is interested in what they are learning, and their work, their knowledge will expand. I want the material that I teach to become as interesting as television for the students. The way that I teach the children will help them to enjoy learning In return this may help them to enjoying learning throughout their lives, causing them to have a more successful school career. My belief is that the best way to teach a child is by first becoming their friend. I will try to become the friend of all my students, while never becoming a “push over”. Students learn better if they feel a connection with their teacher. In the teaching profession it is very important to always be level headed and make rational decisions. It is also very important to follow all school guidelines and policies in many areas including discipline. Students will also be helped in understanding why it is necessary to follow the school’s guidelines and policies.

One of my main goals as an educator will be to expand the minds of the students I teach. Depending on the age level I will be teaching, I plan on implementing my goals by various projects and class assignments. A child’s home is where their education begins; therefore parents will play a very active role in my classroom. Involving parents in the classroom will aid in continuing an active learning process at home. Challenging the minds of my students is the cornerstone of my educational philosophy.

A successful teacher develops and utilizes a successful philosophy of education. I believe my educational philosophy is not difficult and very effective. The design of my classroom will enable the students to be in a creative learning environment. The teaching style, which will be utilized in my classroom, will aid in my students knowledge that they will never lose. Students will begin to enjoy and have interest in learning. This is my philosophy of education.

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