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Describe the Different Transitions Children and Young People May Experience

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Moving away
This could make the child or young person frustrated because they are being torn away from either their favourite place or even their friends, when a child or young person moves away they may feel lost or scared lonely or even anxious this could possible end in depression and the child or young persons behaviour in nursery or school.

Friends moving away
This could make the child or young person feel upset, lost and nervous because they will now have to make new friends which may not be easy for some children and young people, if a child’s friend does move away its good to encourage them to go to out of school clubs this forces them to interact with other children.

This could make the child or young person feel confused because they cant control what is happening to them, the changes the teenager or child will be going through may make them feel insecure and can result in a loss of confidence. Puberty could also make the child become dismissive or make the teenager or child become argumentative with parents or carers.

Starting a new school
when a child or young person moves school they may start to feel sad upset and lost that they are leaving all their friends behind and may not see them everyday anymore. Moving school could make the child or young person feel nervous because they have to make new friends and could make the child feel anxious because they don’t know what will happen. This could also make the child become shy or dismissive they may start to leave school early try and stay home in the mourning.

New siblings

When a Child or young person parents have a new baby it could leave the older child feeling like they are not the baby anymore they may feel jelous or even upset because he/she may not be getting as much attention as before, this could make the child start to attention seek they may start acting up or even throw more tantrums as before.

3.1 Identify the transition experienced by most children and young people.

. All children and young people will experience some changes in their daily lives this is the main part of growing up the changes that are necessary for them to grow up, Some changes can be planned by the parents. Below is a list if transitions being born

drinking milk to eating solid food
crawling to walking
being feed to feeding yourself
wearing nappies to being fully toilet trained
being aware of your self needs to recognising others needs. playing on own and doing own development to play with another children and bond. From one school / class to another
moving away
friends moving away
leaving friends
developing new skills

3.2 Identify transitions that only some children and young people may experienced.

Transitions may also involve other changes in the child’s life which may be unforeseen or only happened to them E.G death illness. These changes may result in many different outcomes in the Childs education and behaviour. Below is a list of transitions that only happen to some children and young people:

when someone close dies
when the child or young person may become seriously ill or a family member or close friend Violence/abuse between siblings’ parents or abuse from parent to child. Parental separation or divorce
Moving house accident a child may have an accident which may be life changing. Going into hospital for a serious operation.

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