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Dance Concert Critique

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Being a dancer myself its very eye opening and interesting to be on the other side of the stage in the audience. I not only see the importance of proper technique and alignment, but I see the way dance is able to inspire others. I’m able to see how dance can tell a story, and how important it is for dancers to express themselves through their movements. I love being able to watch and experience all the different dances the company put on. It makes me very grateful to have dance apart of my life. It inspires me to continue dancing, and improving myself to become a better dancer.

One dance that stood out to me was the world dance. I absolutely loved it, from the beautiful lighting and background to the different shapes the dancers created in their movements. The energy was high which was what caught my attention. There was some timing issues, but the different level changes, formation changes, and costumes made up for it. The music went very well with the movement. The dancers used their space very well with their different jumps and arm movements. I also like the way the dancers clapped in the routine because it was different from all of the other dances.

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The second dance that caught my attention was the modern dance with all the partnering. I thought the music went very well with the movement. The dancers did an excellent way of feeling the music and expressing themselves. I also thought the timing was beautiful, but I would have to say my favorite part of the dance was the lighting and the costumes. I also really admired all of the partner work. I could tell which partners had chemistry, and were able to use their energy and space well. While others had a more difficult time.

The last dance I decided to critique was the female contemporary dance. The dresses were gorgeous, and the background and lighting went very well with the music. The dancers’ leaps and jumps were beautiful. I also loved the different formations and timing. The dancers also played their roles very well. The different level changes looked very well on stage. The dancers also kept the energy up throughout the entire routine.

I really enjoyed watching the dance concert. It was difficult for me to choose which dances to critique because I liked so many of them. I had always been told it’s important for dancers to watch other dancers dance to watch for corrections, but watching the Dixie State Dance Company concerts has taught me that technique isn’t everything, and being able to express yourself and tell a story is just as important.

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