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Coupon Essay

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A coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. This coupon is offered by McDonald’s fast food restaurant. The coupon give shoppers one more reason to buy from you. The restaurant’s coupon settings are flexible, it is robust, and it is really easy to use, so customers can save and you can earn – it’s a win-win. Purpose The purpose of coupon promotion tools is for attract customer can use the coupon and visit their store to increase their sales. The customer will take down the coupon through newspaper or magazines to get the cheaper and free product when they purchases. Through using coupon, the restaurant also can promote their product to the larger area.

Advantages 1. Increase the number of new customers. A customer may try a product just because they have a coupon for it and like it enough to continue to buy it. 2. Help move a specific product and build brand awareness. A consumer sees the brand name on the coupon even when the coupon is not redeemed. 3. It also can reward current customers. Customers are delighted when they receive the gift of savings from the manufacturer of a product that they buy regularly. Disadvantages 1. All coupons have an expiration date and sometimes we as consumers don’t want the product at the time the coupon is available, but we know that we will need that product in the future and by then the coupon has expired. 2. The coupon is small and on the back of the advertisement and gets lost within the colorful ad.


The sales promotional contest is offer by Marigold. This promotional scheme in which participants compete for prizes by accomplishing something that requires skill. Although no fee is charged for participating in this contest, but the certain number of proof-of-purchase tokens are often required to accompany each entry. The contest offer prize is RM300. Purpose The purpose of the contest sales promotion are increase the sales and improve the reputation of the product through participate the contest. Participants and spectators will remember this particular events and remember the company’s products. Advantages 1. Contests Are a Great Tool for Building the Fan Base. 2. Contests enable you to engage your audience.

3. Contests are a rich source of data. With the lure of a prize, many people are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry process. Disadvantages 1. Certain type customer no very interest contest. 2. High cost for contest promotion tool that may need sponsorship from other company.


This sales promotion rebate offer by Canon. Rebates is a return of part of the original payment for some service or merchandise, there is only partial refund. In an options transaction, the amount paid to the holder of the option if the option expires worthless. Purpose A rebate’s purpose is to attract buyers, and many budget-conscious people watch ads for items with attractive rebate offers. Some mail-in rebates are offered on relatively cheap items and only amount to a few dollars. Some are attached to big-ticket items such as computers or appliances; these may offer a significant rebate amount. The purpose also is to save money for the company because it doesn’t have to give the special offer to everyone who buys the item. It only goes to those who bother to apply for it.

The company also gets to keep its money in the bank until the checks are processed, and it continues to earn interest for that extra time period. Advantages 1. Consumers find rebates to be a tangible benefit, and they can enhance the shopping experience. 2. It induces prospective customers to try their products; it boosts company sales and visibility; it relieves problems of excess inventory; and it attracts interest from retailers. Disadvantages 1. Fail to anticipate the interest in a particular offer and thus plan their rebate processing poorly, resulting in long delays in sending checks to consumers. 2. Due to the frequent mix-ups and delays in processing rebate submissions, some consumers now tend to view rebate offers as a sleazy marketing tactic. This means that fewer consumers will base their purchase decisions on the availability of a rebate.

Question 2
Escape Room successfully differentiates itself from competitors in capturing the youngsters in the gaming marketplace by using situational factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors. These factors cause consumers to develop product and brand preferences. Although many of these factors cannot be directly controlled by marketers, understanding of their impact is essential as marketing mix strategies can be developed to appeal to the preferences of the target market. Situational factors First, let’s talk about situational factors. Marketing professionals take physical factors such as a store’s design and layout into account when they are designing their facilities. Presumably, the longer you wander around a facility, the more you will spend. The layout and design of Escape room frequently place scary products and scare movie on the opposite ends of the stores because people often attracted by those scary things. When they interesting the scary movie and product, they will try to play this adventure games.

Store locations also influence behavior. Escape room has done a good job in terms of locating its stores. For example, an Escape room has located at Seremban Palm Mall, this is because they know that place got a lot of teenagers shopping at there, this mall got cinema, hypermarket, blackball dessert shop etc. that teenagers like to go for pass the time. So when they through the Escape room and they maybe will try this to game to pass their time. Crowding is another situational factor. Sometime we maybe don’t like the store because it is too crowded and we will not try to visit that store again, For example, most of the internet cafĂ© is too crowd and the customer only can sit down to play the computer, they hard to walk around the shop. Escape room provided a big space to let player enjoy their adventure in the games. For time, Escape room are aware of people’s lack of time and are finding ways to accommodate them. Like escape room games, they maybe only take your one hours’ time. Unlike cyber cafe, those teenagers can spend whole day in the cafe and their parents will stop them going cyber cafe again to avoid wasting time and abandoned their studies.

Personal Factors
Personality describes a person’s disposition, helps show why people are different, and encompasses a person’s unique traits. The link between people’s personalities and their buying behavior is somewhat unclear. Nowadays, most of the teenagers love adventure and stimulate. Their personality is playful and adventurous. Escape room games filled with excitement and adventure and that is precisely the desire to meet the modern young people. Escape Room are successfully through capture right age group people and their life-cycle stage. The target market of Escape Room are based on different age group people but focus at teenagers, this is because teenagers more willing spending on entertainment like playing Escape Room. Although the income of teenagers not too many, but the number of teenagers are large and they will not save the entertainment fee. Besides that, lifestyle of customers is another import factor affecting the consumer buying behavior. Nowadays, teenagers more like watch adventure and stimulate drama, movies and animation etc.

This type of film to make young people more likely to want their own personal adventure and exploration. Psychological factors Among the factors influencing consumer behavior, psychological factors can be divided into 4 categories: motivation, perception, learning as well as beliefs and attitudes. In motivation, the level of motivation also affects the buying behavior of customers. Every person has different needs. Nowadays teenagers are more prefer entertainment. Escape Room is the latest trend of the game so the most of the teenagers will want to follow the trend and try the game. Escape Room have make a good perception in customer mind that Escape Room games are best that compared with others competitors. The voice comes through the loudspeaker in the corner of the room, and you’re shaken from the adrenaline-fueled mission that had you feeling like an ad­ven­ture-movie hero.

Then you remember you’re in a setup. That you paid for. A team of people signs up to be locked in a room, and must find clues and solve puzzles to complete a given mission and find the key to escape. Everybody love that feeling. So youngster perception that escape game should try to play by them because Escape game is adventure and challenges for them. Escape game also captures youngster that feel excitement and interest to play so that they can accept challenge from Escape Room that also require use their knowledge and skills when play game think for specific skill such as problem solving, critical thinking, evaluation skill and others.

Social factors Escape Room games have request join the game group by group. The group often build by the teenagers that come from same school or neighbor. Escape Room also focus family group of target market. The family is maybe the most influencing factor for an individual. It forms an environment of socialization in which an individual will evolve, shape his personality, and acquire values. Perceptions and family habits generally have a strong influence on the consumer buying behavior. People will tend to keep the same as those acquired with their families. For example, you and your brother like to play Escape Room, so you will call your parents, sister or cousins to join this game together. When teenagers play the games, they will play in the same group like normally they do group work in the school. This can develop their understanding, enhance their friendship. They will discuss with each other in the games, this allows them to interact with each other to enhance and this is why teenagers love Escape games.

Two key success factors: 1. Escape game are more stimulate and adventure compare to other games. Escape game is not just a normal game, it test your brain power, wisdom, patience and teamwork. This method cannot be done in other games. There require many skills when playing this game, they can learn time management, teamwork, critical thinking. Other games only let them addicted and play only, they cannot learn any things from the games. Escape game can make people playing but also makes learning. This is why escape room can go on top of the game industry. 2. Escape game have many themes and games to give consumer choose. This is the most important point why escape game can beat other games. Playing a same game for a long time and sometimes people feel bored if they find boring, that game will be out of date, escape game kept their replacement and innovative game to attract the consumer come again and again.

Challenges and implication
Escape Room may lose their target market in the future if there is a new game appear in game industry. If the new game more creative, fun than Escape game, the new game will be replace Escape game in the game industry. If the escape game not to do something to solve this program, they may be lost their customer. Escape Room marketer must find solution to sustain their business. They can doing research and let customer doing feedback what customer wants from Escape Room after playing. So when Escape Room marketer see the feedback and do the change to meet the customer, customer will satisfy and keep playing this game.

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