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Contribute to Raising Awareness of Health Issues

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1.1 Analyse reasons why it may be necessary to raise awareness of health issues. To protect the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone I care for. By ensuring that I identify health issues early I am able to inform the relevant people quickly and that will hopefully prevent the health issues getting worse, meaning that their health, safety, wellbeing and quality of life is improved and maintained as much as possible. It is also important to raise awareness to comply with company policies and legislation.

1.2 Compare the roles of agencies and others who may be involved in raising awareness of health issues. There are lots of agencies involved, doctors, nurses, district nurses, social services and any other agency, carer or care giver that comes into contact with individuals.

1.3 Describe factors to consider when planning awareness-raising activities Factors include ensuring that the information given is correct and complete facts never opinions, that the information is relevant to the subject, that I do not use personal individual information or details. Also environmental factors are important, lighting, noise, privacy and seating.

2.1Access information and support about health issues and approaches raising awareness. There are lots of places I can access information and support, my management, my colleagues, individuals whom have had similar health issues but I never give the details of the individual I am accessing the information for. The internet and libraries are also good sources of information as are doctors, nurses, district nurses, social services, counsellors, occupational therapists, speech therapists and colleagues and other training institutions.

2.2 Identify with others any health issues affecting individuals about which awareness needs to be raised. If I identify any health issues with individuals with in my care, I also document this in their person centred care plan and report it to my manager who will always advise me on the next form of action that needs to be taken. If there is no manager or senior available, using my own initiative and if the situation cannot wait I may contact an outside agencies such as emergency service or doctor myself.

2.3Review with others the demand for and interest in raising awareness of a particular health issue. At regular resident meeting we discuss a range of topics and the residents say what they want in the way of activates, dinner and other things. During this discussion we may talk about health issues and possible ways of dealing with them. Also I have general talks with management and colleagues and we discuss our feeling regarding raising awareness or if we may need extra training in certain areas.

3.1Contribute to agreeing roles and responsibilities within a team planning awareness-raising activities/3.2Work with the team to plan a set of activities to raise awareness about a health issue. When carrying out a awareness raising activities me and my colleagues would discuss what points we need to cover and each would carry out major research, when we are doing the activity one person would be the main talker and others would assist and interrupt where necessary. When anyone identifies a health issue it is their responsibility to report it and document it where necessary. When an activity has taken part everyone whom has been involved in that activity would document it in the individuals care plan always ensuring that they do so in neat writing, signing and dating everything and completing with facts only.

4.3Encourage individuals and others to give feedback about awareness-raising activities. After any activities individuals are always asked to give feedback and ask questions about what they have learnt and if there is anything else they need to know…Follow up feedback sessions are also sometimes needed using a one on one tactic.

5.1Work with others to agree processes and criteria for reviewing the programme of activities. 5.2 Collate and present information about the activities Once it has been decided what activities’ is taking place then I talk to my colleagues and residents to work out what needs to be done, what everyone hopes to achieve from the activities’ and how this will be achieved, together with my colleagues we will discuss who is responsible for what and what everyone’s role will be. All information about the activities will be documented in the activity book and all details and information given will be stored away for the next time.

5.3Work with others to review the effectiveness of the programme Before the activity goes ahead myself and my colleagues will discuss the routine, what will be done how and when, check if it works and will be effective and relevant. Afterwards we will ask the individuals how they feel it went and what they got from it and whether it needed anything else.

5.4 Make recommendations for changes to awareness-raising activities If I have a recommendation for a change I would talk to my colleagues, my manager and the individuals concerned and identify what changes need to be made, how they will be made and what the expected results of the changes are; I will also document all changes in the relevant paperwork.

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