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Component of Effective Teaching

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Great teachers are valued by students, parents and society. They are highly regarded because being an effective teacher takes a special set of skills that engages students and inspires them to work harder. The good news is that these skills are not limited to those born with them, you can learn to master the components of effective teaching.

With Intention
* Exceptional teachers don’t do anything without having a purpose. Every activity, every lecture, every note has a very specific reason for occurring. To accomplish this, exceptional teachers plan their lessons like a professional football coach plans a playoff game. They think of contingencies such as how students might react and what they might say or inquire about. These teachers set very specific goals not only for the school year, but for each lesson and each student. They assess the class as a whole and as individuals to be able to convey the material to all students, not just one or two. Create A Learning Environment

* Effective teaching means that students are able to absorb and understand the material being presented. Part of what effective teachers do is create an environment that promotes this. When assessing the classroom, they team stronger students with weaker ones. By merging the classroom, they enable students to help teach, each reducing the burden on the teacher. Effective teachers review not just test scores but review why students may or may not have done well. With this information they adjust the lesson plans to more effectively communicate information, perhaps using visuals or practical lessons. Effective teaching methods give students specific tasks, not just assignments, that keep them engaged in the outcome of the class. *

* Effective teachers don’t rely on opening a book and being able to convey the information. They prepare. To be effective, teachers use contemporary data in science, social studies and news stories to help students see the value of the information they are learning. They take old or timeless concepts found in literature and make them contemporary so that a new generation can learn to appreciate them. They anticipate what students will not understand and prepare answers that are immediate and correct.

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