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Completing an RTI Model

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Fourth grade student Jasmine Keller was informally assessed in 2009 and found to be reading at a level between first and second grade. Her vocabulary is stronger and at grade level with 85% accuracy. Evidence also from 2009 indicates Jasmine is able to produce ideas and sequence meaningful supporting details. Additionally, her math computation is weak and a pre-assessment found her scoring 32 facts correct out of 102. Her progress is inconsistent and unreliable, and many of her teachers have voiced concern regarding Jasmine’s weak short term memory obstructing her learning. Based on evidence from her assessments and classroom work samples, Jasmine’s teachers and support staff should make a referral to determine appropriate response to intervention (RTI) Tier 2 intervention, such as increased monitoring, small group intervention, and frequent work with a reading specialist. Parents should be notified, met with, and provided important information to assist with Jasmine’s progress at home.

Jasmine appears to have made some progress in math, as demonstrated in her improved score of 12 out of 15 correct. However, her improvements were accompanied by failures in other areas—her computational skills continue to fail to meet standards. She produces work more consistent with her peers when using a screen reader, demonstrating that her comprehension skills have improved, but she continues to struggle with multi-syllable words. Although her addition and multiplication skills have responded somewhat, her subtraction and division skills are very weak as she cannot yet divide without a calculator. Based on Jasmine’s response to Tier 2 interventions there is evidence that she is at risk of failing and a referral to Tier 3 intervention is necessary. Her parents will be notified and met with to discuss Tier 3 intervention.

Tier 3 interventions, such as one on one work with math and reading specialists during those classroom periods, are warranted after Jasmine did not respond sufficiently to tier two interventions. Monitoring should be increased again and her teachers and other support staff should meet to discuss more intensely focused intervention options such as dedicated tutoring after school. She demonstrates grade-level math skills when provided with explicit instruction and a calculator, which closely identifies persistent weak mathematics computation skills. Her reading skills remain at second grade level according to the assessments. If Jasmine does not improve by at least a grade level during her Tier 3 intervention then her teachers and support staff may compile evidence to refer Jasmine for special education services.

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