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Comparing and Contrasting Greece and Rome Governments

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Were Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome’s government alike. Well you will read about how much there governments are alike, with a few differences. Since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are often grouped together you will read how they are alike. You are reading about Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and some similarities that the two of them might have.

First, Ancient Greece had a representative democracy were only citizens could participate. “In Ancient Greece: Democracy is born “it states us “20% of the population of Athens were citizens Women were not citizens and therefore could not vote or have any say in the political process. They were rarely permitted out in public and even restricted to where they could be in their own homes. Slaves and foreigners were not citizens, either, and could also not participate in the democracy. In the end, democracy only existed for free man originally from Athens.” This shows that citizens were men over the age 18, no women, foirenors, or slaves. Women in Ancient Greece even was limited to areas in their home. This piece of evidence also shows that people who were not a citizen had many limits to were they could and couldn’t be. Also that very little people could participate in the government. If only 20% of people could participate than 80% could which is more than ¾.

Secondly, Ancient Rome in its early days started out as a republic, but later it became an empire. Augustus was Rome’s first emperor and controlled all of Rome, and area’s out of Rome. Although he did change his name to Augustus but he was originally called Octaven. From “Ancient Rome Part Two: The Roman Empire” it states “At its peak, it controlled most of continental Europe, Britain, much of western Asia, Northern Africa and the Mediterranean islands.” This shows that Rome was very large and controlled much of the area. Also it shows us that Rome was a powerful civilization. Augustus was seen as a god in Ancient Rome and was emperor for 56 years. Augustus lost the throne be death of age.

Lastly, Both Ancient Greece and Rome had lasted a long time but eventually fell. From “Ancient Rome Part Two: The Roman Empire” it states “Rome eventually fell under the weight of its own empire.” This tells us that Rome fell eventually. In the articles it doesn’t tell us when or how Greece fell, but we know it did from other sources. Both Greece and Rome at some point had a similar government, Military and were both decent in size. A representative democracy and republic are similar. They had a strong military. Plus were large. Greece was decent in size and Rome was very large. They both also had strong and confident leaders to lead them.

Was the governments of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome alike. Well you read about how they are alike/different. They might be grouped together because they are so alike. This was about how Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are alike, but not identical. Also though both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome had their hardships throughout their history and in their government.

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