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Commemorative speech on Michael Jackson

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Special person, one of the greatest contributor to American pop music industry. Influenced billions of people worldwide with his many self-composed songs and dance moves Famously known to have changed his skin colour

Won total of 13 Grammy awards (8 in one night during the 1984 Grammy award ceremony which earned him an entry in the Guisness world record ) A controversial figure. But let’s just focus on his achievements and his humanitarian efforts. Make a guess?

1. As a musician & remarkable vocalist
Started off as a leading vocalist in Jackson 5 at the age of 5. (Remarkable range & emotion) At 13, launched off as a soloist while continue to be member of Jackson 5. By 20, his increased fame and establishment as a rising star also help his band “The Jacksons” to sell more than a million copy for their album “Triumph” in 1980. One of his greatest accomplishment in his music career was the song “Triller”, which stayed on the chart for 80 weeks and no.1 spots for 37 weeks, in which he was labelled “King of Pop” for his wide influences and legacy in the pop music world. Vocalist and music styles

From a soprano-turned tenor, his voice range remained huge from F2, and to the Eflat key one octave above the middle C. Used the technique of “vocal hiccup” – like gasping for air (Unqiue method) Higher tenor range could easily slide into the falsetto range Between different genres of songs, he uses different form of expressions wisely (e.g. famous Heal the World and Billie Jeans, you could hear different styles. In Billie Jeans he was heard screaming and using the vocal hiccup method more than in Heal the World with his produced a more round and thick and melancholic voice) – Good rendition – Conveys his ideas and feelings through his compositions

(For example, Earth Song dealt with environmental and animal welfare) (For example, Heal the World talks about need to improve the lives of children) (For example, Billie Jeans was written in denial of his fatherhood of a child by a lady whom she met)

2. As a dancer

Concurrent with his singing career, Michael also trademarked some his unique dance moves accompanied by some of his songs like “Billie Jeans” and “Ghosts”. Though I am not a dancer, I am absolutely awed by his dance moves such as the moonwalk, circle slide, the pelvic thrust and the spin, all of which serves as a trademark icon to him. No doubt, many dancers all over the world had been greatly inspired by Michael as with the many singers and musicians. E.g. Moonwalk, Circle slide, Pelvic Thrust, The Spin

3. As a Humanitarian

No doubt as a well accomplished entertainer, however, Michael’s effort as a humanitarian seems to be relatively unknown to the public at large. His contribution and efforts in supporting good causes earned him Guisness world record for the most charity supported by a pop singer. Some of these efforts include

Setting up the ‘Heal the World’ Foundation which aims at providing medicine for children and fighting world hunger, drug and alcohol abuse, and child abuse Michael supported the efforts of the NAACP, to fight prejudice against black artists.

Raised $3.3 million dollars during ‘Michael Jackson and Friends’ concerts in Korea and Germany for the humanitarian agencies ‘UNESCO’, ‘Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund’ and the ‘International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’. Conclusion

Despite his death some 5 years ago, Michael continues to inspire me and many other people with his music legacy and his humanitarian efforts through his personal philosophy – “making the world a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”

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