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College Life Argumentative

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Do you believe that college is for everyone? The article “Is College for Everyone” was written by Pharinet. It is located on the website AssociatedContent.com. Pharinet states her opinion that college is not for everyone. She explains the challenges of receiving a higher education. Now days individuals are expected to receive an education beyond high school. People believe you have to attend college to earn a degree for a brighter and successful future. Pharinet suggest, “Higher education is not the key to happiness and success for everyone.” Reasons for attending college differ depending on the person. Some people find college to be a little out of their price range. However, some people just do not wish to learn anymore. There are many people in this world that do not have the patience or responsibility to take on the college life. Maybe some people do not attend college because they are not mature enough to understand the work given to them. Pharinet’s argument gives me a huge amount of detail as to why she believes college is not for everyone. She confirms this by providing her audience and I with many examples backing up her argument.

Her article is very effective and does a wonderful job with stating reasons why college is not for everyone. I chose this article because I strongly agree with the author’s opinion. She organizes her article by telling the most important information first. The author starts her article by stating, “You won’t get anywhere without your education.” Atleast that is what most people believe anyways. Next she explains to her audience that many students are enrolling in college classes who basically do not belong there. The majority of those students do not even follow through with completing their first degree. Therefore, they do not graduate and they end up wasting thousands of dollars. She says, “The student who is not yet ready for the academic and financial challenges of college is the most common.” Not everyone has the funds to disburse for their education.

Many students do not think of the other items that they have to pay for such as; fuel for their vehicle, food, toilet paper, laundry detergent, school supplies, school books, etc. Not everything in life is free. Pharinet includes, “The cost of books can run several hundred dollars per semester.” She then goes on to talk about how stressful it can be to maintain a job and going to school at the same time. Also, there are many people who cannot read but are going to college. How can this be? She explained, “If individuals are unable to read, they benefit more from a literacy program than a college.” Yet, there are many people who are literate but they do not want to take on the challenge of going to college. Finally, she explains that everyone does not benefit from a higher education. Pharinet emphasized, “Many people have found happiness in careers that do not require a college education. “

Pharinet’s audience seems to be very broad. Anyone could read this article, but I believe it mainly focuses on high school students who plan on attending college in their future and maybe even these individuals’ parents. She is trying to persuade her audience to believe that everyone is not college material. For example, future students need to know the challenges that are yet to come. She is informing us that paying for college may also be a struggle for students who are less fortunate. It is always a good idea to apply for the FAFSA. It is very helpful especially for students who do not have thousands of dollars to spend on an education. If you are lucky there will be leftover money to buy your books. Pharinet noted, “There exist students who do not have the desire for college and learning. Some students may be suited for a different type of education, if any.”

She makes it clear that it is okay not to attend college because there is a vast majority of jobs in this world who do not require a degree of any kind. She also pointed out, “If college is for everyone, why do we rely on SAT scores and high school transcripts?” Not everyone has the same amount of knowledge. There are students in this world who are illiterate but they are still enrolled in courses! Pharinet’s purpose for publishing this article is to inform people that everyone is not designed to attend college. She presents us with an abundant amount of reasons why her beliefs are as strongly as they are. Yes, a higher education is important. Everyone has the right to receive an education as well, but that does not mean that everyone is meant to enroll in college courses. Pharient also states many facts. Everyday there are thousands of people enrolling for college, but there is no guarantee that each individual will graduate.

She mentioned, “It is estimated in the U.S., approximately 50% of students who begin college never graduate.” Can you imagine how much money is spent on classes and materials for someone not to graduate? She makes it clear that many students are not aware of the financial and academic encounters that come with receiving a higher education. A majority of people pay off their schooling by scholarships, grants, and loans. Students may even find themselves trying balance a full-time job, while attending school full-time as well. As a result, they will probably become extremely stressed and their grades will begin to languish. Many people stop being full-time students and become a part-time student instead because their body and mind are being over worked. Becoming a part-time student may result in taking a little longer to graduate.

Pharinet mentions, “Once upon a time, college was a place that you went when you wished to learn. Now, college is the place you go when you want to get a good job, or appease your parents, or because you are finding “Yourself”.” Others believe that the only reason for attending college is to make you smarter. Pharinet believes millions of people today have careers that did not require a college degree. I am sure that cashiers, plumbers, electricians, and painters did not have to attend college for their profession. There are many of these jobs still in demand and need workers today. You can still get a decent amount of money without having a degree. You just have to do some research. The reasons the author wrote this article is very clear.

She argues that college may not be for everyone. She demonstrates numerous facts throughout her writing like; everyone that enrolls in college may not graduate, the financial struggles, and stating that there are jobs where you do not have to go to college. Each individual has their own plan in life and college may not be included in that plan. We all have a talent at something. Not everyone needs college to be good at a certain career. Most jobs now will train your for your position. There are plenty of people in the world who did not, will not, and have not attended college. Not everyone will be rich because they did not go to college though. You just have to search for the right job. For the students who do enroll in college they need to be able to stick to what they signed up for, and be aware of the many challenges that are going to come to them in their life. After all, college is not easy!

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