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College Application

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The most influential factor in my decision to apply Whittier College

The purpose in my studies is to excel academically as this proliferates to goals achievement in ones life. Whittier College has not only been recognized in its academic excellence, it has been an oasis of innovative curriculum that acts as gateway to the world market.

Personal factors which have affected my education

While I was a student in my secondary studies, my great ambition to attain the best marks and grade were unfathomable within my blossom. There were little differences between night and day hours. All my energy and efforts were exhausted in books and revisions making sure that I mastered every bit of work taught. However, during the eve of our examination, there was abrupt deviling sickness that attacked my dearly loving father, almost depriving him his soul while letting us live as a family without bread winner and provide of all other family daily necessities. The news of our father’s sickness shocked me immensely leaving me dumb mute for several days before I was helped by a psychologist to recover. This made my proceeding examination to portray poor performance leading to drastically drop in the general performance. As I believed that a slip of ones tongue doesn’t change his mother tongue language I felt challenged and repeated to undertake  the following year’s exam which I highly excelled  and makes  to ever cherish as this  renewed  my  hopes and dreams of better future.

Three specific features of Chapman University that interest me


The University of Chapman has not grown and expanded its boundaries just by mere unplanned incidents. The reputation of the institutions began from its initial planning which was made strategically in location. While most higher education institutions are either centered within metropolitan places, the founders of the university had an utmost ability in decision making especially on planning which lead to the placement of the university site strategic.  One of the uniqueness of this institution site is that it is just 30 miles from the metropolitan of Hollywood.  This balances the disturbances   of metropolitan disturbances that pollutes the learning environment in various ways such physical environmental pollution of air as well as moral erosion of student.  On the other hand the moderate distance   from the city mitigates learning for students who are financially incapable of boarding education facilities but have supportive relatives working in the metropolitan    where they can keep on commuting. This location not only offers  conducive learning environment but it also make  students to have  personal experiences of  production of their futures career as connected  to their studies and the surrounding Hollywood industries. (Franck and Sally, 2005)

Great resources

The student high productivity is particularly unique that the world outside the college environment admires them. Although numerous entertainments are performed in most parts of the United States, the art performances of the Chapman student have made the university a hallmark of music and entertainment. There is no doubt in associating this quality performance with the enormous resources. These include vast producing resources like films, videos and laser disk library. All these available sources mould the entertainment products and other material of students, professional tutors as well as enhancing the interactive atmospheres of the working classes with the school community. As the culture expanded on entertainments and other arts activities, this has created better places for education attracting homes tourism and foreign tourism in the university. In lieu of this, the great resource has made the university a fertile ground of research of particular subjects which are projects production to the community. (Franck and Sally, 2005)

A collaborative atmosphere

As long as competition play important role in the business world, production has also been a cores to competitiveness. Apart from the creation of good learning environment of the institution has developed a culture which heartens most students. Certain  draconian behaviors likes putting  restriction to accessing equipments and other learning materials is unheard of story  in Chapman institution. So, the whole learning process is an integrated system of both the human resources of professors and students together with available learning supportive material. This is evidently portrayed during the graduation ceremony awards where each particular individual wears a dazzling face. (Franck and Sally, 2005)

Ways in which my unique background and interests would contribute to the catholic university community.

I believe that my life has been shaped up to this particular movement and level of studies through hardworking. I thus hope on capitalizing on similar virtues endurance and industriousness which has developed from tendered age, I would be able to contribute to high academic performance as well as extending my services of talent to my peer colleagues on those grounds I am better placed than them. In general, it is my anticipation that I would promote educational benefits bestowed in my knowledge by offering services to those in need hence, enhancing building of stronger and healthier university community.

Colleges to which I am applying and reason why Redlands is included

I have selected to apply to the following colleges:- Chapman  university,  Whittier college, university of san Diego, university of la Verne  and the university of Redlands. The inclusion of Redlands University was basically on the fact that it has several programs of my interest which I can take such as arts as well as business studies. These are major fields which my family is well established on and this may help management improvement in them.


How do the learning systems in the university ensure healthy active learning in class and co-curricula activities?  This is because learning in which it is pure passive makes most students lazy and understanding is minimal. The responds on it would be through asking questions and forming group discussion as well as providing required co-curricula facilities.


Franck, R. and Sally, S. (2005): what students and parents need to know about getting into college: Jossey-bass

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