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Character Analysis Of Mr Know All By Somerset Maugham

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Change the following sentences into reported speech Dont repeat this mistake the instructor warned the sportsman. ..Leave your address with the secretary the aisstant said to me. Phone me for an answer tomorrow the manager said to client. ..Dont be so silly Mr.John said to his wife. ..Give a smile the photographer said to me. Please, help me to make a decision Ann anked her friend. ..Be a good girl and sit quietly for five minutes the nurse said to the child. Leave your things here my companion advised me. ..Dont dicuss this question now the teacher said to me. Have you travelled abroad much he asked me. Who has written this note the boss said to the secretary. Ive just received a poscard from my sister my friend said to me. ..Have you beeb here long the stranger said to me. The student also took part in arranging the conference my friend said to me. Tom said to the girl When did you have this picture taken.

Shall we go somewhere for a cup of coffee after class Tom said. John said to Marry Why dont you wear your hair a little longer. My sister said to me Are you crazy. She asked me Have you ever sees a flying saucer. James said Do you want me to send this letter for you. Ill take you to the zoo tomorrow my mother said to me. Jane said to Bill When do you expect to finish your assignment. The man said to the boy Can you show me thhe way to the bank. The man asked the postman Are there any letters for me today. Henrry said to the librarian How many books can I borrow at a time. John asked his friend How did you manage to know my telephone number. Rose said I was just leaving for the office. Ann asked her brother What are you planning to do tomorrow. She asked her boyfriend Is it true that your father fought in the last war. He said I dont understand why she has refused to join us on the trip

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