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Brics and Mitsk Project

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This project introduces the Brics and Mitsk countries and integrates the concepts presented in weeks 1-4. It also provides a common foundation for future discussions. Guidelines
Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation based upon a Brics and Mitsk Country: Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey and South Korea. These countries have been identified as important emerging countries that are significant economic powers individually, as well as becoming the basis of an important new economic group. It is important to develop an understanding of these countries – for the purposes of understanding global business strategy, and the opportunities and threats they pose.

Your country choice should be approved by your professor in Week 1.
•Please develop a set of slides that would help an organization contemplating doing business in the country you have been assigned.
•Please focus you analysis on Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage. *** Below****

•Please provide images and key facts that capture the economic conditions and culture.
•Please develop a presentation with approximately 15 slides. Related and Supporting Industries

Related and supporting industries are those where firms coordinate or share activities in the value chain or value system, when an industry is vertically, forwardly or backwardly integrated. Porter asserted that the presence of supporting and related domestic industries that are internationally competitive can provide benefits such as innovation, upgrades, information flow, and shared technology development which create advantages in downstream or upstream industries. Therefore, success of an industry is particularly likely if the nation has a competitive advantage in a number of related or supporting industries. The automotive industry is closely tied to the auto components industry through alliances and other financial arrangements.

This is particularly true in Japan as well as in other countries where automakers and auto components firms are enmeshed in a web of financial and business relationships. However, in today’s global automotive industry increasingly, components and raw materials are sourced globally, so having the competitive suppliers’ industry within a nation may not be as important. Nevertheless, we will take into account the auto components industry as a determinant of the competitiveness of the automotive industry. After manufacturing, the automotive industry, is dependent on the communication and transportation industries. This is especially true as the coordination and flow of information and products within the value and supply chain becomes more critical.

Related & Supporting Industries China India South Korea-chart
8.BYD Automobile
9.Brilliance China Auto
10.Jianghuai Automobileproduction (2004) 1.61 0.27 0.25
Economic conditions

As China’s economic importance has grown, so has attention to the structure and health of the economy. Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream is described as achieving the “Two 100s”: the material goal of China becoming a “moderately well-off society” by about 2020, the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, and the modernization goal of China becoming a fully developed nation by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.

A officially launched in China by Purchasing Managers Index in 2005.[22] For details on the development progress of PRC’s infrastructure, see Infrastructure in China: Foundation for growth.

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