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Body Dysmorphic Disorder Is a Body Image Disorder

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A disorder where you constantly don’t feel okay about yourself.Many people in their life will go through not being happy at what they see in the mirror having many defects like being too fat or too skinny.It is worse than any normal teenage insecurity about their body.It makes the person with BDD see something that people around them don’t see. Body Dysmorphic disorder is a mental illness and as well as a Body Image disorder.BDD makes a person see a non existing flaw or barely noticable seem like a a big defect and that bother them and make them emotionally distressed.It goes as far as affecting a person daily life

Body dysmorphic disorder is a Body image disorder where the person affected by it doesn’t like their appearance.The ‘’flaws’’ they have are usually just in there head and see them seem as defect when in reality they are nothing.These obsessesses the person for hours.BDD is a problem because ‘’BDD most often develops in adolescents and teens, and research shows that it affects men and women almost equally.’’People who suffer from BDD also happen be suffering and diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety,and also an Eating disorder and also OCD.The cost of treatment programs, depending on complexity of treatment and the length of time required can range from $30,000 to $180,000 — and that’s only if such disorders haven’t yet caused other bodily damages. THt does not include the fact that these affects people from working and doing anything productive for days.

BDD victim’s symptoms are usually common and similar between all of them.Body dysmorphic symptoms range from obsessive behaviors to comparing appearance with others and perfectionist tendencies to seeking cosmetic procedures.The most common symptom is trying to find ways to improve their own appearance and usually looking into or avoiding mirrors.Body dysmorphic sometimes get misdiagnosed because it has similar symptoms as other illness like OCD and eating disorders.Low self esteem that leads to them hating their body. Covering up there so called flaws ,and usually when doing so, they are still unhappy with their appearance.

What are BDD’s risks?It leading to having a bad mindset and then causing that to go into dieting and then becoming serious and causing an eating disorder.Other risks would be impulsive actions and also can lead to depression.Many people also experience severe emotional distress causing them to isolate themselves and interferes with their daily functioning.Living in fear people might see and notice their flaws.

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