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Benefits of War

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Although it may not be obvious, there are many clear benefits to war, at least from an American perspective. As a result, war helps to stimulate the economy, allowing us to maintain our superior position on the rest of the world, creating a sense of nationalism among Americans. Throughout the past years and conflicts many new ideas and benefits were brought about, much of which is from WWII. If young men and women, barely of legal age, are sent into foreign grounds for combat, there must be a good reason for the cause, and the results will clearly show.

First, war tremendously helps to boost our economy. Economic recovery is an essential aspect of growth. In fact WWII resulted in the greatest expansion of our economy ever. The need for women in the workplace created many new jobs that they had yet to perform. The result was a drop in the unemployment rate, more importantly, a greater amount of money was being made which led to an increase in spending throughout the nation. Of course this was a great thing and helped us to expand along with improving our resources. Another key point in the economic aspect of was is the extreme technological advances that came about. Much of everything we use today was a result of the second World War. Modern technology such as computers, radar, satellites, communications, and even the idea of the internet was introduced here. New medicines were developed to help sick or injured soldiers and many ideas from our fellow nations were adapted.

Next, war allows us to keep our edge on the rest of the world as the most profitable and the most powerful nation. We still remain the most advanced country, which is often taken for granted. The freedom we have everyday to make our own choices, the opportunities readily available to us here, even our daily lives, are much more satisfying then many other nations. War allows us to show and develop our power and our ability. New weapons are developed that are so advance they seem to have their own mind. Smart bombs, able to pinpoint a target and strike it with deadly accuracy, are just a start to our capabilities. Although we are here to help and support our fellow nations, should we be challenged, we are extremely prepared and confident that we shall arise victorious.

Finally, nationalism is a subtle, yet strong benefit of war. Propaganda throughout many past wars is a start, but the sense of pride Americans show is something many other countries do not have. After the past tragic events, people continue to stick together as one, hanging flags and saying prayers for others. The patriotism shown is touching and it includes very strong support from all. Songs dedicated and written to show respect to our country along with performers giving live concerts in foreign territory to support our troops is just a star. Letters, food, and any other necessities were sent to troops who have been defending us for countless months. Many other funds have been raised to help out families who are struggling, both in the United States, and in other countries as well. Funds to help the tragedy of 911 have made a tremendous contribution, and also helped Americans stand together in times of despair.

In conclusion, as you can see the benefits are very clear. Although there are many negative aspects to war as well, the positives far outweigh the drawbacks. Not only does our economy grow and strengthen, which is essential, people and the way we live, things we use, are all effected in many positive ways. There are many tragic results and after effects, but our country and its citizens truly profit from the outcome.

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