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Battle of Manila and Santiago

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According to Leek, George Dewey is the most recognized in the united states as the only Commodore to attain the rank as the Admiral of the Navy in 1899. He entered the United States Naval academy in 1854 at a very young age, however, due to his great determination he graduated from the academy and became the executive lieutenant of the USS Mississippi during the civil war. He never settled for less, this led to his appointment as a lieutenant commander. During the civil war, he was assigned significant tasks such as being the lead instructor of the Naval Academy. He was promoted to the post of a commodore in 1896 and was assigned the Asiatic Squadron with the help of Assistant Secretary to the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt. (Leek 2009).

Roosevelt profoundly assisted Dewey through supplying him with guns and other ammunition when needed so that he would be prepared in case war broke out. Roosevelt oversaw the promotion of officers who were aggressive in their approach to work (Leeke 2009). Ideally, Dewey was determined through his preparation of war likely to breakout such as the one with Spain. He led his fleet in attacking Manila Bay, sinking the Spanish Pacific fleet. Moreover, this pleased the navy officials, and it led to Dewey’s promotion as Admiral of the Navy later in 1903. Secondly for one to be appointed as a naval officer, you were required to be determined and hardworking.

According to Leeke, Dewey served at different senior positions during his time as a Commodore, he had been appointed as an executive officer of six ships, and he thus oversaw their campaigns during the American Spanish war (Leeke 2009). Senior officers were determined to ensure their appointees were willing to take up the task. Moreover, it’s worth noting that Dewey managed to anticipate war with Spain and thus his charismatic approach to work led to his rise within the US Navy. His enthusiasm led, and this made him prepare his fleet for battle. According to Leek the battle of Manila ended on May 1, 1898 with the United States defeating the Spanish Pacific fleet bringing to an end the reign of Spanish rule of Philippines (96). The war highly contributed by Cuba rebellion against the hard-Spanish colonial rule. Through Asiatic squadron led by Dewey, the well-trained US fleet attacked the Spanish fleet hence leading to defeat.

Initially, the US fleet was well organized as it was led by a determined commander who had keenly foreseen the rise of the battle (Leek 96). Dewey had taken his time to study the tactics of the Spanish fleet, and therefore he knew their weaknesses well. He knew where to attack, and thus this led him to choose a site in Manila Bay which was situated in shallow waters near the Naval Yard. Dewey’s squadron, covered by darkness, launched his war against the Spanish giving them an allowance to attack before firing back aiming at destroying the fleet. Secondly, the US fleet was well supplied with weapons unlike the Spanish who would depend on old ammunition. Theodore Roosevelt who had appointed Dewey as the commodore of the Asiatic Squadron, was well and efficiently supplied with weapons which were up to date with technology (Leek 101). Roosevelt had good political ties which led to his easier accessibility of firearms. Thirdly the United States had great attacking techniques.

They triggered the Spanish fleet to fire up; they retreated allowing the Spanish fleet to run out of weapons. Moreover, they allowed the Spanish to attack before Dewey could order his fleet to fire back. Dewey would easily check on whether they were running out of ammunition, this would lead him to take a break and reorganizing his fleet (Leek 127). He would emphasize accuracy while attacking which undoubtedly led to the defeat thereby being crowned as a national hero through establishing the United States reputation and supremacy as a naval power. Robley Evans, just like Dewey, was a rear admiral within the United States Navy and was instrumental during the American Spanish war (Leek 122). During the 1890’s Evans was a commander working with the Pacific squadron.

Evans was considered to be so skillful to the extent of handling a great tense situation with Chile hence earning his nickname, ‘Fighting Bob.’ He is remembered as resilient United States commander from one incidence when he led his fleet in the attack of Fort Fisher, together with Ensign he was shot but didn’t allow the pain to deter him. He wrapped himself with a handkerchief and led his fleet towards the Fort (Leek 124). Robley Evans was a key in that he commanded the battle of Santiago. He was named the president of the Inspection and Board Survey in 1901.

Evans and his ship organized planned attacks on the Spanish ships which led to their defeat by the American fleet. He highly motivated his men with his great resilience during attacks; furthermore, this instilled courage among his men. The Battle of Santiago was a naval based battle which took place in 1898, The United States Navy defeated the Spanish. The United States emerged as the supreme naval power. It played a major role in ending the Cuban war for independence. The defeat of the Spanish fleet led to a rebellion by the Cuban revolutionaries due to the Spanish domination. The United States was extremely interested in Cubas political and economic success. The war played a significant role in ensuring that Cuba became free and able to grow politically and economically. The defeat led the Spanish to surrender to the United States allowing Americans to rule over Cuba. This ended the Spanish American war.

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