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Auggie Family Halloween Celebration

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August(Auggie) is a 10-year-old boy whose face is deformed and has had 23 surgeries. He’s an ordinary kid eats ice cream, rides his bike, has an Xbox and a dog but ordinary kids don’t send other ordinary kids off of the playground. auggie wants to go to school but since birth, there have been 23 surgeries so he’s been to busy for school Auggie overhears his mom talking to his friend Christopher’s mom about Auggie attending school. Auggie, however, isn’t into going to school. Neither is his dad. Auggie falls asleep on the drive home from his friend’s house and his mom and dad are talking about him going to school. Auggie meets Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Tushman’s assistant. Mr.Tushman has arranged for Auggie to meet and tour the school with a few students from his grade. The kids set off on the tour.

Charlotte, Julian, and Jack are quiet until they start talking with each other The kids head to the auditorium. As the group leaves the auditorium, Auggie and Jack make real, legit eye contact. Auggie smiles at Jack.and Jullian makes rude comments to him and is mean to him. The kids all return to Mr. Tushman’s office HE tells his mom they need to pick up via which is a pre-signal to tell her to get out of there. he tells his mom about Julian is the kind of kid who behaves differently with adults than he does with other kids, but she is still deeply shocked when she hears that Julian asked Auggie if he had been in a fire.

Auggie mentions how the other kids stood up for him and decided to go. Homeroom teacher Ms. Petosa introduces herself to the class and asks the kids to introduce themselves with two things they want others to know about them. The excited and nervous Pullman family all walk Auggie to school together. Kids stare, but he pretends not to notice. Jack takes the desk next to Auggie. The teacher takes roll and hands out locks for there lockers. When everyone is practicing opening their locks, Auggie gets it right away. Ms. Petosa introduces herself to the class and asks the kids to introduce themselves to two things they want others to know about them. Ms. Petosa calls on him. When he mumbles, Ms. Petosa makes him speak up—so Auggie forces himself to look up and speak clearly.

When the teacher asks if anyone has questions for, Julian asks if Auggie’s braid is a padawan braid, Auggie admits that it is.Julian asks his favorite star wars character is Darth Sidious who gets his face deformed.In the second period—which is English—Mr. Browne introduces the semester’s syllabus.He talks about monthly precepts that month was ‘When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.’ kids won’t let him sit down, he heads for an empty table. Auggie hates the way he eats. Because of his cleft palate, he still has a hole in the roof of his mouth. The way his jaw is structured, he has to chew at the front of his mouth Out of nowhere, a girl(summer) Auggie has never seen or spoken to appears at his table and asks to join him. She plops down and complains about the cafeteria mac and cheese. Since their names are summer names they dub the table summer only which names can sit.

There is a one to 10 scale which they used after surgeries but after school, he reports a five to his mom. After the first day of school, Auggie cuts off his Padawan braid. Auggie’s dad checks in with him at bedtime and Auggie assures his dad that the first day was really okay Mom sends Dad to check on Via. Adjusting to school is hard for Auggie, and not just the whole getting up early and taking tests. People avoid bumping into him as though his face might be contagious Auggie knows they’re just being normal dumb kids Auggie knows they’re just being ‘normal dumb kids, Jack sits to Auggie every day in every class and they walk to class to each other and one day an eighth-grader knocked into them and said woah and they couldn’t stop laughing. The October precept is your deeds are documents.Auggie wants to invite everyone to his homeroom class plus Summer over for his birthday. A bunch of kids RSVP that they can’t come for different reasons.

About six kids from his class end up coming to the party. It’s deep into autumn now, and Summer and Auggie are still the only two kids who lunch at the summer table. They discuss their Halloween costumes, and whether dressing up for Halloween.and Auggie is going to be boba fett and summer is going to be a unicorn. So Auggie doesn’t like his picture being taken so he skips the portrait but can’t skip being in the class picture. During dance class, this girl has a panic attack while being mad to dance with Auggie and one kid touches his hair accidentally and runs to the sink to wash his hands confirming Auggie’s theory of being untouchable.

Auggie likes Halloween because he gets to wear a mask. Auggie uses to wear an astronaut helmet but lost it. He was going to be boba fett but Julian was going to be that so at last minute he wore a scream costume. Auggie gets a high five in the hall. Auggie walks into homeroom undetected and overhears Julian saying if he looked like Auggie he would wear a hood over his face too Julian asks Jack why he hangs out with him and it’s because of a seating arrangement from Mr.tushman and that makes Auggie mad.After crying in the bathroom, Auggie goes to the nurse’s office and says he doesn’t feel well.His mom picks up and conveniently he tells his mom that there is a stomach flu is going around and tells his mom that he’s not even feeling well enough to go trick or treating and he exploits the stomach flu to skip school till the weekend. Q Now there’s a new narrator Via sh uses a metaphor about how their family is like the solar system that Auggie is the sun and everybody else is the plants and they revolve around Auggie and since of Auggies needs makes via second priority.

Via talks about when she was an only child and how she had a doll name lily and she used to practice being a big sister and when she saw her brother she looked at him and gave him kisses.Via never saw August the way other people did except when she went to he grandma’s house(grans) for a split second coming back after 2 weeks she saw her brother other people did.Grans gives more attention to via then Auggie which she liked but via was heartbroken when grans died.Via gets angry because of everybody circles around all of auggies needs or moods.Via liked school because people didn’t know her because of her little brother and she would go by Olivia.Her friends Ella and Miranda. She liked middle school and high school even more because fewer people know about August.

Out of vias friends and she bought Auggie the astronaut helmet.Via was surprised when she found out when miranda has been back form camp for a couple of weeks and sees her new pink haircut.After school she was supposed to get a ride with miranda but instead took a bus and subway via asks auggie about his day but isn’t listening so she takes the controller and he gets mad at her.Via gets u[ set when auggie cuts his padawan braid.Via remembers seeing her mom in the middle of the night outside auggies door. Via doesn’t want to carpool with Miranda so their family gets in an argument about taking the subway.

There’s no proof of people in their family who have suffered as bad of disinformation but via and here parents are carriers of the genes.Via knows a lot about genetics and even though the risks she decided eventually she’ll have a baby.Miranda, Ella, and Via part ways, with Miranda and Ella joining the super-popular group and Via hitting the library to read instead of talking about people that don’t interest her. Ever since Grans died the day before Halloween via gets to stay home from school and watch old movies.Auggie is sick so mom has to go pick him up ruining vias day with mom.Via Knows that a little nausea to kill Auggies fun on Halloween.

Via convinces Auggie to go to the Halloween parade.She tries to get Auggie to go back to school and that she even hates school sometimes but Auggie says do kids avoid touching you.Via tries to give advice about ex-friends but Auggie asks what happened with Miranda and she called the other day but not for her but for Auggie. Via threatens to tell their parents what happened at school if Auggie doesn’t go back. That breaks him, and Auggie says he’ll return. As an afterthought, Via asks if Miranda said anything about her when she called. Auggie replies, ‘She said to tell you she misses you. Now there’s a new narrator summer.

Kids ask her why she hangs out with ‘the freak,’ and she tells them, ‘Because he’s a nice kid! … and don’t call him that’Summer explains that she sat with Auggie that first day because she felt sorry for him—she saw a new kid in a tough spot, and couldn’t leave him hanging. She admits that he’s ‘the weirdest-looking kid she has ever seen,’ but what she sees first is that he’s just a kid.Summer learns about a cruel game called The Plague where anyone who accidentally touches August has to wash their hands or use sanitizer within 30 seconds or they will get The Plague. The popular kids invite Summer to their Halloween party. She is happy to go, but soon realizes they only invited her to tell her to stop hanging around August if she wants to be in the cool group and have Julian as a boyfriend. Summer quietly calls her mother to come pick her up and lies about why she left early.August goes over to Summer’s house after school to work on an Egyptian project.

He learns that Summer’s father was a platoon sergeant and died a few years ago. The two discuss what happens after you die and Summer thinks that people come back in another bod August liked that idea.Jack asks Summer why August is mad at him. She knows she can’t tell him and she gives a hint “bleeding scream”Jack doesn’t know why August is mad at him, and he doesn’t understand Summer’s Bleeding Scream clue. He decides to ignore August and spend time with the popular kids. He realizes that he likes August a lot more than the popular students. Now there’s a new narrator Jack.Jacks mom gets a call from Mr.Tushman to be a welcome buddy for august but jack doesn’t want to because he seen august before while eating ice cream., Jack decides to be a welcome buddy.

After getting used to August’s face, Jack realizes that he is actually really cool and smart. the popular students. Jack soon understands the Bleeding Scream clue and knows why August is mad at him. When Jack is paired up with August for a science project and Julian calls August a freak, Jack punches Julian right in the mouth! Jack is suspended from school The reader learns that Julian’s mother is also not accepting of August. She photoshops his face out of the school photo and also unsuccessfully tries to get August removed from the school because she says he has special needs. Jack reaches out to August to apologize for what he said, and the two make up. When he returns from his suspension, almost all the boys in the school avoid him.

Summer and August kindly invite Jack to sit with them at lunch. Jack goes to August’s house to work on the science fair project. They meet Via’s boyfriend, Justin. Now there’s a new narrator Justin Justin describes his experience with meeting Auggie. He says that although Olivia prepared him in advance, he is still surprised by August’s appearance. Justin tells Olivia that he is not freaked out or scared by August’s looks. Justin goes out to dinner with Olivia’s parents. He is stressed out , but her parents are very nice. At Olivia’s house, Justin meets Daisy, the family dog, and hears the story of how Olivia’s father bought him off a homeless man.

Justin is amazed by how warm and loving her family is compared to his own. Justin and Jack both leave the Pullman residence at the same time, so Justin walks Jack to the bus stop. While Jack goes to the store, Justin notices three kids following him making throw-up noises. Jack explains that they are boys who have turned the middle school against him. Justin realizes that they are tormenting him because of his friendship with August. After Jack leaves, Justin approaches the boys, scares them, and warns them to leave Jack alone. Justin gets the lead in the school play, Our Town, while Olivia is the understudy for the lead female character. Justin is surprised when he learns that Miranda, who is playing the female lead, had been a close friend of Olivia and August. He is not pleased that Olivia had never mentioned that to him.Justin confronts Olivia for not telling him that she and Miranda used to be close friends. Olivia starts to cry because she hasn’t told her family about being in the play. She is worried that they will bring August to the play.

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