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Artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence and comprehension shown by machines. The aim for research of artificial intelligence is to create technology that allows computers and machines to act in an intelligent manner. Scientists have exploited machines to do work that prove difficult for the normal man. It saves companies and governments an inordinate amount of money every year employing machines, but this also means a huge loss of jobs for many workers, especially those who work in factory’s that manufacture goods.

Advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence could put roughly 50% of the world’s population out of jobs and work in the coming 30 years, a computer engineer has warned. Now people are starting to realise that maybe A. I might not be as incredible as they had previously thought. We are taking lots of precautions, but people fear that the robots will rebel, and takeover. They get this view from social media, especially news websites, who portrays almost all robots as malicious and evil.

Researchers are now testing to see if they can put a black box inside the machines, such as they have on planes, so it can record all information and data, and if things go wrong it can see why. There is also the issue with how far have we actually come? Some computer scientists say that artificial intelligence is unattainable and cannot work within society; others say it has already been created and tested but not released to the wider public yet. On the terrifying end of the spectrum, there was a paper published this year about a robot that could rebuild itself, even after losing 2 of its 6 legs.

The robot doesn’t know what’s broken but notices that its performance has dropped. Then, using an algorithm based on trial and error, the robot can figure out what’s wrong and how to repair itself. The researchers who developed the robot aid that as it fixes itself, it updates its database with all the things that will not work in a phase called “simulated childhood. ” With AI having the ability to learn, computers are getting to be pretty smart. As of 2013, AI was about at the same intelligence level as a 4 year old and there have been lots of advances since then.

For example, in 2014 a supercomputer cracked a complicated math problem called Erdos discrepancy problem, which was published in 1930. The amazing thing is humans can’t even double check the solution because the equation is too long. The file is 13-gigabytes, and just for comparison, all of Wikipedia is about 10-gigabytes. There’s little doubt that AI has the potential to greatly improve our lives. AI makes the roads safer, help in medicine, aide the disabled and the elderly, work customer service and a number of countless other jobs. However, AI also poses an incredible threat, and this isn’t the stuff of science fiction either.

Top scientists and technologists like Stephen Hawking, Bill gates and Elon Musk believe that AI is a very real, and dangerous threat to humankind. It’s so dangerous that Max Tegmark, a physicist at MIT, compared it to the development of nuclear weapons and says we may only be able to do it right the first time. Everything has the potential to do well, but AI is a dangerous adventure in technology and has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Even if we take every precaution, there is still something unnerving about a machine thinking freely for itself…

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