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Are You A Good Communicator?

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“Effective Communication is a two-way process – sending the right message, that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person/s.” (effectivecommunication, 2012) Effective communication is not something everyone possesses; this is why we must focus on learning how to effectively communicate in our health care setting/workplace. Quality personal relationships are important in our lives, not only in personal and intimate relationships, but also in our business professional and work relationships. When you can effectively communicate, get your point across, and have the other person understand correctly, and completely you have successfully and effectively communicated with that person. This makes your life, job, workplace, and attitude better, communication skills are such a key item to possess and use correctly. When communicating in the health care industry, and making sure your are communicating effectively and correctly there is less of a possibility for misunderstandings, miscommunications, incorrect diagnosis, etc. This is why effective communication in the health care industry is especially important.

Supportive and defensive communication relationships can have a serious hold on your life, and your workplace relationships. Supportive communication relationships are just that, supportive; “for example, rather than telling an under performing employee that they are lazy, the leader may point out that the departments numbers are not ideal. In addition, the supportive leaders will then ask the employee to help come up with solutions to improving the departments numbers.” (Holland, 2012) This is how we would hope our supportive leaders in the health care industry would deal with other employees when having communication or workplace issues. Defensive communication relationships are just that, defensive; one could be defensive about an issue or subject or could be on the defense as if he/she was being attacked in a conversation or about a topic. Defensive relationships really have no business being in any field, especially the health care industry. The health care industry needs supportive, understanding, and team work to help things run smoothly and correctly.

I feel assertiveness is a good thing, in certain situations. “Being assertive is a core communication skill, being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others.” (MayoClinicstaff, 2012) Assertiveness is needed in any workplace setting, and also in the health care industry. I feel it must be appropriate in each setting, and it must be respectfully done with others feelings, and points of view in mind. Standing up for what you feel is right, what you believe in, and how you feel can create a great sense of confidence and give others the feeling that you demand respect in a healthy and effective way. In the health care industry there must be a mutual respect with others you may work with, this will help you to be less stressed, and hold no feelings of resentment because you gave your point of view confidently.

Interpersonal communication is huge in any relationship, and is very important in a workplace setting. When you are an effective interpersonal communicator you can take on nearly any conversation with any person, no matter their beliefs, culture, or their personal communication skills. When you have a good set and understanding of your own interpersonal communication skills it make listening and speaking in a basic conversation that much easier. Being knowledgeable in other personalities, cultures, languages, etc. can help you to navigate through communication and conversations with others easily. When it comes to my own interpersonal communication skills, I feel I have a pretty good and effective way of using my interpersonal communication skills, I can be assertive when I need to be, stand up for what I believe is to be true and correct. I also can honestly say that I have a good set of active listening skills that is necessary in any form of communication with any person. I enjoy listening, and putting my active listening skills to work, but I also enjoy speaking and expressing myself as well.

Assertiveness is necessary in many areas of life, even in the health care industry; there is a fine line though. No one wants to be scared of someone because they are so assertive, but you also do not want people thinking you are too passive and a push over. Being too passive can be a tough thing to overcome and can cause stress, and feelings of anger and resentment if not dealt with correctly. I feel being assertive; yet respectful is the perfect way to communicate when you are in the health care industry. You want your employees and co-workers to respect you and understand your points of view.

Holland, K. (2012). Supportive Communication and The Effective Leader. Retrieved from: http://www.thebeckon.com (2012). Effective Communication. Retrieved from: http://www.effective-communication.net Mayo Clinic Staff. (2012). Being Assertive: Reduce Stress, Communicate Better. Retrieved from: http://www.mayoclinic.com

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