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Anatomical Orientation

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The purpose of this Lab is to gain a full understanding of the Anatomical Orientation through completion of an in-depth worksheet, using all available research tools. Although there are a great number terms to learn, fully understanding each will be absolutely key in understanding the location of all body structures covered in this unit.

If I review all instructions thoroughly, and utilize all resources in the process of completing the Anatomical Orientation worksheet activity, then I will gain the necessary understanding of Anatomical Orientation, which is the purpose of this Lab. Following completion of the worksheet, I will be able to easily identify key orientation terms after researching and studying each section of the worksheet completely.

Materials & Methods:

4.Reference Websites (internet)

1.Gathered all Materials
2.Printed the Worksheet
3.Completed Activity 1, using the University of Michigan: Medical Gross Anatomy link and my textbook for reference. 4.Completed Activity 2, using the textbook and reference websites. 5.Completed Activity 3, using the textbook and reference websites. 6.Reviewed all completed work and prepared Lab Report.

BSC 2085C Anatomy and Physiology I
Lab 1: Anatomical Orientation

Name _Christina Mixon___
Activity 1: Anatomical Orientation

Go to the website: University of Michigan: Medical Gross Anatomy Choose the link to the Learning Module entitled Anatomical Orientation. Read the 9 pages and answer the question associated with each page. Choose only one answer for each question. Please enter A, B, C, D, or E as your answer below.

1. __B_
2. __A_
3. _ B__
4. _C___
5. _A___

6. __A__
7. _C___
8. __B__
9. __D__

Activity 2: Surface Anatomy

2-1: Match the letters to the appropriate body surface landmarks.

A. Anterior Body Landmarks

There may be more than one answer but choose only one answer for each section. Please enter 1-26 in space provided.

_8___ Abdominal: anterior trunk inferior to ribs__9__ Inguinal: groin __12__ Acromial: rounded area of shoulder_26___ Hallux: big toe __16__ Antebrachial: forearm__7__ Mammary: breast
__15__ Antecubital: anterior elbow surface__17__ Manus: hand __6__ Axillary: armpit__25__ Metatarsal: foot
__13__ Brachial: arm__2__ Nasal: nose
__16__ Carpal: wrist__3__ Oral: mouth
__4__ Cervical: neck region__1__ Orbital: bony eye socket __19__ Coxal: hip__21__ Patellar: anterior knee
__22__ Crural: leg__10__ Pelvic: pelvis region
__18__ Digital: fingers or toes__11__ Pubic: genital region __20__ Femoral: thigh__5__ Sternal: breastbone region
__23__ Fibular: side of the leg__24__ Tarsal: ankle

B. Posterior Body Landmarks

Choose only one answer for each section. Please enter 1-12 in the spaces provided.

__12__ Calcaneal: heel__4__ Plantar: inside of foot
__6__ Cervical: neck__2__ Popliteal: back of knee
__11__ Gluteal: buttocks__10__ Sacral: between hips
_1___ Femoral: thigh__7__ Scapular: shoulder blade area
__9__ Lumbar: back area between ribs and hips_3___ Sural: calf of leg _5___ Occipital: base of posterior of skull__8__ Vertebral: spinal column

C. Abdominopelvic Quadrants

Choose only one answer for each section. Please enter A-D in space provided.

A. _RUQ___
B. _RLQ___

C. _LUQ___
D. _LLQ___

Activity 3: Organ Systems

3-1: Match the organ system to its function. Please enter A-K in space provided. Answers can be used more than one time but choose only one answer
for each question.

A. cardiovascular
B. digestive
C. endocrine
D. integumentary
E. lymphatic/immune
F. muscular
G. nervous
H. reproductive
I. respiratory
J. skeletal
K. urinary

__K__ 1. Rids the body of nitrogen-containing wastes
__C__ 2. Is affected by the removal of the thyroid gland
__J__ 3. Provides support and levers on which the muscular system can act __A__ 4. Includes the heart
__D__ 5. Protects underlying organs from drying out and mechanical damage __E__ 6. Protects the body: destroys bacteria and tumor cells __B__ 7. Breaks down foodstuffs into small particles that can be absorbed __I__ 8. Removes carbon dioxide from the blood

__A__ 9. Delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues
__F__ 10. Moves the limbs: allows facial expression
_K___ 11. Conserves body water or eliminates excesses
__H__ 12. Provides for conception and childbearing
__C__ 13. Controls the body with chemicals called hormones __D__ 14. Is damaged when you cut your finger or get a severe sunburn

By utilizing all research material and completing the Anatomical orientation worksheet, I was able to gain a full understanding of Anatomical Orientation. I can now easily and correctly identify key Anatomical Orientation terms.

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