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A Bad Time – Ted Burkins

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A bad experience in my life would have been the time where I broke my arm in primary school. It was painful and a shit time because I couldn’t really do anything but sit and watch my friends enjoy themselves.

During primary school in year 5, I was running to the oval to play with my friends when I accidentally tripped over a rock on the cement and broke my left elbow. It was very painful and I couldn’t move my entire left arm. My friends witnessed the fall and quickly called the teacher for help. The teacher carefully lifted me up and quickly took me into the sick room until my parents came to drive me to the hospital. I was lucky to escape an operation, but they put a cast on my entire arm and I was in agony for the next few weeks. The doctors advised me that I wasn’t allowed to play any sports for about three to four months.

All I could do was sit under the tree during period breaks and watch my friends have fun.

Things I look forward to every week

Something I look forward to every week is the weekends. The weekends gives you time to relax and reflect back on how things are and where they are going. You don’t have to worry about getting up for school tomorrow, you can sleep in , and you have lots of opportunities to do whatever you want you cant do during school days.

On my weekends I usually sleep in, catching up on homework, also finishing off assignments and work, watch TV, help parents with choirs, or spend time with friends. Sometimes I go to the park, a cafe, or just spend the weekends with my family. When I don’t have homework, or have nothing to do, I go to the near by video store and rent some movies to watch.

I also look forward to mums cooking every Saturday. She cooks delicious traditional Vietnamese meals every Saturday for our family and our grandparents. We have a big family get together and by and large have a great time!

The one I turn to

The one I turn to when I am feeling down or need someone to talk to are my friends. I can talk to them whenever I want, and no one else will know about it. I have total trust in them. I turn to my friends when I am upset, sad, stressed, angry, miserable, or in distraught. It is so calming to talk to them, better than a thunderstorm rainy night! They are the one I turn to for encouragement, strength and advice, the one I turn to for all things. My friends give me support; they stick up for me, and are with me through the good and bad times. They are the ones who I turn to for all the things which are important in my life

When I am really bored, I turn to my computer games to keep me company. I find that playing computer games are relaxing and enjoyable. It gives me time alone and and get my mind off work after hard stressful day of school. Computer games are an opportunity for me to unwind and clear my thoughts and feelings.

A Big Think

A big think that has always been on mind are dreams. I dream about lots of things, but do they mean anything? Some people suggest dreams often have information for us, such as what has happened in our lives, or what is happening and giving us information about our future. I don’t really think this is true because I have had numerous dreams where I am a rich and powerful. So does this mean I will end up a Donald-trump like billionaire who gets to marry the most attractive woman on earth?

I think dreams reflect your thoughts and feelings. You can have good or bad dreams. I personally don’t think that dreams have any real powerful meaning; they are just your mixed thoughts and feelings. Although some dreams would be great if they really happened i.e.: being a billionaire, I believe that the chances of them coming true are something like one to a million.

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