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Holiday in Bandung

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Spending my holiday in Bandung
On July 31, 2013 I was on my way with a train call Herina with destination to Bandung. At that time, it was my first time on a train. I was so scared because I have no idea how to find the place to sit or to find my seat number. So in order to do that, I asked one of the securities guard to help me find carriage and where my seat was. Right at 9 pm the train starts to run the engine, I was so excited. On the way, I met a nice family who also went to Bandung, so I felt relieve because they were very nice. We talked about a lot of thing like, where I come from, my studies, what are my major, and they asked who’s going to pick me up at the train station. Time passed and I arrived at Bandung station, my family were already waited for me, I was so happy because my first time on a train was successful. Next day, my family had planned journey to Tangkuban Perahu. So I was so happy because, I think my holiday will be perfect, but it was not. It turned out that my uncle jhon who stays at Jakarta was sick, so we went and visit him and his family. I was a little bit disappointed, I told myself that “it is not a big deal;

I still can go to tangkuban perahu whenever I want, Family come 1st” on the way to Jakarta my uncle jhon was already hospitalized at Husada hospital, it turned out that my uncle had appendicitis so the doctors need to make a surgery, fortunately it was not too late. The operation went well, and the doctor said that my uncle will recovery within a week. To be honest, I’m not so interested anymore to think about my holiday, because I thought, this is the end of my journey; my family will have to look after my uncle. So “that was it” said to myself, but a miracle happened because 4 days since my uncle was hospitalized, he recovery very fast, even the doctor seems amazed with my uncle.

So the next 2 days since my uncle came out of the hospital, my dad planned the journey to Tangkuban perahu again, and this time, we all can go there, by the time we were at Tangkuban perahu, I was so happy, in Tangkuban perahu the view was wonderful, I could see crater and it so smelly. in there, I met a foreign men who came from Columbia, he need my help to help his friend to bought some merchandize, so I agreed to help him out with his friends, they wanted to buy angklung, and t-shirt that said “tangkuban perahu” and “I love Bandung”. I’m helping them to buy some merchandize, while my family waited for me. he introduce me to his friend and he also bought me a t-shirt in returned the favor, I told them I don’t need that but he said that was their gratitude for my help, they also gave me money 300.000 rupiah, but I told them this a little bit much, I could not accepted it. After I finished help them, I went back to my family and have a cup of coffee because in tangkuban perahu the temperature was cold almost exactly like I was in kopeng at night and the fog started to cover all over the place in there so my father decided to go back home. When we arrived at home, I was in a rushed to try my t-shirt that they bought for me. Suddenly, the money fall after I pull out my t-shirt from my bag, I was surprised but also happy. It turned out that they gave me the money without I even noticed. In the end I told my family that I got three hundred thousand rupiah from a group of foreigner for helping them to buy some merchandize.

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