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Writing for an Audience

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            In “Writing for an Audience”, Linda Flower recommended writer to closing the gap from reader knowledge, attitude and needs because it’ll made the reader to reorganizing and rethinking their ideas to meet your experiences. The gap between writer and reader is the moment to see thing differently. If writer wants to closing the gap it must have to obvious differences such as culture background. A good piece of writing it must to expect reader able to adopt your knowledge from their needs and respect the attitude from their personal perspective.

Mostly though personal experiences from the knowledge that already in minds, it should explain and raise awareness of difficulties faces that express to the reader. From Linder Flower recommendation on three areas that “the reader’s knowledge about the topic; his or her attitude toward it, and his or her personal or professional needs” (157). Knowledge is the main key from these three areas, and happens to many writers to conquer the readers mind. The readers don’t have enough background knowledge to analysis writer’s idea. The reader wants to adapt writer’s knowledge they have the same experience and how much they know about the writer. So it might be more focus on these three areas back and forward. The writers need to more simply to express to bring out the purpose. However, it’s not just the knowledge we needs to focus on, but another method “they pinpoint the critical differences between themselves and their reader and design their writing to reduce those differences” (157). We need a technique that respects the reader knowledge. We need to set up a goal to make the reader able to learn something from your knowledge and personal point of view. So it’s important to the good writers that help the reader to adapt your knowledge’s.

            From a good writer perspective on reader’s attitude and the reader is motion effect to act certain ways due to the necessity needs such as image of an object that express from your knowledge. Linda is mention reader looking writer idea as a picture “As you can see, a reader’s image of a subject is often the source of attitudes and feelings that are unexpected and, at times, impervious to mere facts” (Flower 157). Its simple explain a reader first time look at a writer work. It very difficult to a reader hasn’t the same knowledge and attitude toward to the writer view. They might have trouble to picture the idea that the writer wants the reader to know. Sometime writer try to do lot of survey to know more about reader wants. It works some case, but not every reader wants the same thing. However, some reader needs more detail on each point that prevented from the writer. They need the writer to put more expression on every sentence. Linda’s example saying that “the most salient or powerful parts of my image, which strongly color my whole attitude toward lakes, are thoughts of cloudy skies, long rainy days, and feeling generally cold and damp” (Flower 157). Linda kind recommends writer that when try to express more detail and it prevent more visual space to reader that never read your writing before. We seem Linda used lot of image words. The reader’s attitude is an unexpected object that not easy to catch. The writers should hearing feedback from the reader and learn from your reader though to help you improve the writing process to close the gap.

Thus, the advantage of being success is to accept and respect your reader’s needs. When a good writer tries to discover a new way to fill up the gap between reader and writer, it must use reader’s feedback form you. It’s important to analyze a reader’s needs. Linda mentions that “The ability to adapt your knowledge to the needs of the reader is often crucial to your success as a writer” (Flower 158). Both reader and writer need ability to adapt the knowledge to success, writer need more because they are only one to create the knowledge to people has less knowledge. We need to know about the reader need and what does the reader expect writer to give them knowledge. Furthermore, the readers have more needs form the writer. It’s difficult to the writer able to expect reader needs and every reader has different hopes from the writer. Linda’s example saying that “as producer of a public affairs program for a television station, 80 percent of your time may be taken up planning the details of shows, contacting guests, and scheduling the taping sessions”(Flower 158). The writer is like the producer to organize the needs to audience. Its challenge to planning out the whole story that need to expect people like to watch. The writer is doing the same thing to prevent more detail to bring out your knowledge to the reader. It’s hard to success as a writer that teaches the reader needs.

     A good writer to closing the gap between the readers it’s always keep in mind that what’s need to the reader’s hope.

Work Cited

Gary, Goshgarian. Exploring Language, “Writing for an Audience” by Linda Flower, Copyright 2007 by Pearson Education, Inc

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