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Women are more powerful than men

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Although most of the current leaders may be men it is actually women who control the world. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my focus for this afternoon’s speech; that women are ultimately more powerful than men.

Power can be defined as the ability to do or act. There are many ways that power can be achieved. It can be achieved through education, money and success. Power can be achieved through personal strength. Power can be achieved through image. However, the most powerful source of power is perhaps love and respect. If you love someone you are willing to do things for them unconditionally.

Nevertheless, much of the power is given to men because of their physical dominance in comparison to woman. But in fact, it is women who control men. Think of all the women who control their households.

Power is continually changing because it depends on needs and wants. Comparing two people, say that Person 1 needs something from Person 2. However, Person 2 does not need anything from Person 1. So unless person 1 was generous enough to give Person 2 whatever they needed for free, they would be in complete power over the other person.

This situation is a permanent arrangement for males and females. Males have a physiological need to reproduce due to testosterone levels. Though females also have this hormone, the amounts are minimal and therefore won’t have the kind of desperate desire like males. This gives females the upper hand.

It is also a fact that females are more sexually attractive than males. Therefore, with the flick of the silky hair, the flutter of the eyelashes, the cross of the legs and a hint of the breasts can manipulate the male to submission.

Due to this power superiority that females have over males, they can be aggressive from time to time. Because females are aware of their power over men, they can take advantage of this fact without the opposite sex not even realizing that they are being used.

In addition, females are technically allowed to cry. When men, as unfair as this sounds, may be harassed by peers and considered a ‘coward’ if they did, especially in public. Females can also cry at their own will, whilst on the other hand, men are forced to somehow keep their emotions hidden inside.

Due to all the reasons I have mentioned above, it has lead me to the belief that women are more powerful than men.

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