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Why the arts is better than science

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Why the arts is better than science
Creativity cannot be taught. People use their own individual talents. Feelings and emotions can be expressed. Different life experiences and the varying perspectives people have. Art gives us what makes us truly special. What it means to be a human. We have to found ways of expressing ourselves; otherwise we just become clones of each other. Subjectivity plays a large role here as that the fact everybody appreciates science and what it does to benefit us means it is lacking spirituality. Science theories and their truths are objective. In the past they have been wrong. Therefore they can be proved wrong. However art cannot be. E.g. scientists may one day discover our theory of gravity to be incorrect, but nobody can ever say that Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ needed a little more red. There is only so much that science can discover about our world; there are limits to the exploration of science because it is bound by number and formulae. They just build upon what is already known. But the arts have no limits; only that of imagination. Science is a race to see who can discover the most first. Art is individual because nobody can steal your work or ideas; even if they tried it would NEVER be identical to what you could produce. Therefore it expresses freedom and individuality Art is just as constructive as science.

Even in our early primitive years we used cave paintings, for example, to express our opinions, describe and try to explain the world we live in. Art came long before science- foundation of our expression. A musician, dancer or painter must also learn technique, sometimes as rigorously, for such a lengthy period of time, and as precisely as any scientist. The difference is, that they take what they have learnt and build upon the foundations of this technique to form individuality unparalleled with science. Art can be a form of protest. For example animal farm, George Orwell wrote about animals however it actually represented the Communism in the USSR. Art can be interpreted individually. We have to look further than the paper, for example always analysing poems and novels in English, or trying to explore deeper into the emotions and sub ideas a choreographer was trying to portray in a dance. This therefore, opens up discussion and generates deeper thinking amongst our society so we become more enriched people. Although the arts do not solve problems like science, they connect the inner expressions of artists with the outside world; ready for our own interpretation.

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